Monday, April 19, 2010

Pure Passion and Sue Moorcroft (well Sue's book) In Dubai

Today I was in the Kinokuniya book shop in Dubai Mall and much to my delight I saw Sue Moorcroft's latest book - STARTING OVER on the table just as you walk through the front door and near by I saw all Rachel Hore's books including her novel THE GLASS PAINTER'S DAUGHTER which was short listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year and it had its PURE PASSION sticker on it!

I was so pleased I had sneak these photos!

Today I printed off the first40 pages of PENDEROWN, looked through my notes, mind mapped my thoughts on where I thought the book should be going. I also allowed my self to rewrite in long hand the first page - magic again. Tomorrow I will write the synopsis as I see it at the moment and read what I have printed off without editing (this will be difficult) then as a reward I can rewrite page two.

It looks like ds2 can fly out tomorrow - now I am filled with worry. What happens if he's diverted? He's only 15 although he towers over the rest of the family at six foot two. Will he be able to manage the chaos that will be on the other end?


Debs said...

I loved Starting Over, it's such a good book.

I do hope your son arrives back with you without any problems. Mine only has to go to England and is relieved to be going tomorrow night now. He's not pleased to have missed two days at uni, but he's lucky compared to so many other travellers.

Chris Stovell said...

Hurray! Great to see this... I hope TTT makes it there.
Also hope your son's travels go smoothly.

liz fenwick said...

Debs and Chris - I feel inordinately proud when I see books i like and of people I know here. Chris I was impressed at Choc Lit's distribution!

Hopefully ds2 will be ok - I may not have any hair left by the time he's back at school. Debs - hope your sons journey is painless and trouble free.

Sue Moorcroft said...

Wicked! Thanks so much for this, Liz! What a lovely start to the day. Good old Dubai.