Thursday, April 15, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different - Naming a Seismic Vessel

No one would say my life is boring - in York with writers on the weekend and few days later standing on the quayside of boatyard in Dubai with a prince.

Yesterday I saw the first true Arctic ready seismic vessel named and a crown prince - both exciting. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway toured the vessel before the naming ceremony. It was an exciting day of contrasts - an Arctic vessel sitting in the hot sun of the Middle East, a local dance group performing in front of her and guests donning their Russian styled hats in the heat.

This was my third naming ceremony for Polarcus and I can tell you the excitement doesn't diminish. The crack of the champagne bottle on the side of her bow causes the heart to race with joy at a new beginning.

So now back to my real world of writing and not living in the glamorous world of crown princes and magnums of champagne (shame I don't write the type of novel that could use these experiences!).


DJ Kirkby said...

Great photos but what did YOU wear and where are the photos of YOU? Also who is the man staning in the doorway of the ship and what is the photo of the green mist all about?

liz fenwick said...

I wore all white to keep cool - the man coming out of the ship is the prince and the the green stuff is confetti flying after the champagne had been cracked open on the side :-)

Will try and track down a photo of me - someone must have taken one!

DJ Kirkby said...

Ok so who are the other two fella in white who seem to be 'working' the crowd then? Hope you do find a photo of you so I can be jealous over your outfit and shoes.

SueG said...

I seem to be speechless.!

liz fenwick said...

DJ - working on finding photo - will post I promise once it's in my hands.

Sue - it was quite a day


Debs said...

What an incredible experience. Love the photos.

Flowerpot said...

Perhaps you should change genre Liz!!!