Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yesterday was bliss in many ways. The weather had cleared after rain and thunder storms and DH took the boys to the cinema. I thought - peace - and stretched out on the sofa to read. All week long each and every time I thought I can read someone needed me. So poor FAIR DECEPTION was interrupted. I have longed to read this book because I had read the first three chapters of it's follow-on story here and Caroline was such a plucky heroine that she has stayed with me. So when FAIR DECEPTION was published by Hale I was thrilled.

Yet each time I went to sink into the wonderful Regency setting something interrupted including on the flight back to Dubai in February when inspiration struck and I worked the seven hour flight instead of relaxing and getting lost in another world. So when I picked up the book last week I foolishly thought I would have plenty of time to escape - no, my dear children had other plans. I grabbed small bits here and there which was not at all satisfactory. For some books it's okay to read two pages here and two pages there, but others are best consumed nearly whole.

As I said I settled on the sofa with dd happily rearranging her room and read. I was lost in another world and loving every minute of the escape then boom twenty pages from the end when I am so caught up I don't want to know the world outside the book exists everyone needs me! I deal with request one politely - finding paint and an easel for Ds1. I settled back into book immediately gripped and then two minutes later Ds2 needs me to sort something on the computer. Grrrrrrrrrr. Sorted and then return to wrapping myself in the story. Dh comes home having booked some flights and wants to discuss. Explain I won't be long but I NEED to finish this wonderful book (Doesn't anybody else show respect when a person is so close to the end you can taste it? Before interrupting a reader I always glance to see where they are in the book - the end is sacred!). He looks at me then wonders off. Down to ten pages and DD wants to ice her fairy cakes. Gritting my teeth I pour icing sugar into a bowl and beat the hell out of it and leave her to cover the the world in violent pink icing. I retreat into the story - torn between reading quickly and savouring each word and Dh, bless him, appear to ask if I want a glass of wine????

Can someone tell me why it is that as you approach the end of a book that everybody needs you? Why is it that you can't be left in peace to enjoy the satisfaction of the end????

From the above you can tell that I loved the book. I love Regencies and have done so since I discovered Georgette Heyer. Jan Jones does a brilliant job of conveying a totally different time and creates characters that you care for deeply. Can't wait to finally read the rest of Caroline's story from FORTUNE'S WAGER. In the meantime I will jump back into the Regency world with C.S. Harris's WHY MERMAID'S SING (although I have this in hardcover so it may have to wait until we are back from our trip to Cornwall for Easter) after I finished Rachel Billington's LIES and LOYALTIES that I began last night.


Nell Dixon said...

See, now you are so good, when my family attempt to interupt me when I'm reading 1) I really, genuinely don't hear or see them 2) They've learned it's not a good idea to interrupt my reading unless they are in mortal peril. To actually answer them and go do stuff well, you're an angel lol

Ladybird World Mother said...

!!! Oh I so get you! Especially those last few precious pages... (last 50 pages I would say) when you're longing to get to the end and dreading it because you have to leave that world darling husband asks me questions, needs answers... children stand quietly by my head looking at me reading. AAAAGGHHH. so... the answer is to read in bed, on own, leaving Husband downstairs in front of good film.
But then the 'married' thing doesnt get a look in. So difficult... what to do!!

Jan Jones said...

Liz, I'm so pleased you enjoyed Fair Deception! Oh dear, though, what tribulations you've had to go through to read it. I always think people should treat someone reading as they would if you were on the phone. They never do. My all-time most hated niggle is when I am reading in the doctor's waiting room, say, and a complete stranger sits opposite me, stares hard for a minute or so, then says (loudly) "Good book, is it?".


Wishing you better luck with the next!

ChrisH said...

Sooo true, the end of the book need to be treated with proper respect.. and I need to leave the imaginery world I've been visiting slowly and gently. Hope you get some quiet time to yourself.

HelenMHunt said...

It is frustrating when people try to interrupt when you're totally absorbed - have you tried ear-plugs!

liz fenwick said...

Nell - I am to programmed not to ignore them - more fool me!

LWM - I can tell you have been exactly in the same spot!

Jan - I loved the book and am thrilled to hear 'my book' Fortunate Wager will be published. I think I may go away from my family to read it!

Chrish - with the boys home for Easter no hope of time for myself but truthfully I don't really want it - I just needed to read and escape for a wee bit and of course they wouldn't let me :-)

Helen - then they would shake me!