Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sorry for the silence but between travel, a guest and getting ready for travel I don't know where time goes. Tomorrow I am off to Japan - Kyoto to be precise for DH's best friend's wedding. Mark was our best man and I am really looking forward to being there when he ties the knot in a temple in Uji on Saturday. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the weather. The forecast is terrible. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that the heavy rain forecast is wrong.

I am behind in everything at the moment but there are two great things I must share the links on. How Do You Know When To Quit? It uses the example of Susan Boyle as part of the discussion and really hit home with me at the moment. Key thought for me from that:

"...but talent, alone, won’t always win out. Timing, opportunity, are the other key ingredients. And you don’t get opportunities if you don’t keep trying. "

And Nathan Bransford has done it again with a great post on concepts here. The key to this is:

"The originality is all about how it's done, not what it's about."

I hope I shall be able to post from Japan but I don't know. If not be prepared for a photo laden post on Monday that hopefully isn't filled with rain drops!


Jan Jones said...

Enjoy, Liz, whatever the weather!

Lane said...

The 'when to quit' link is fantastic Liz. Thank you!

Have fun in Japan:-) x

ChrisH said...

Oh, I'm really envious that you're going to Japan, that's one place I'd love to see. (But, unless I keep going and sending the writing out there I'll never get there!)

B.E. Sanderson said...

Have a great time! =o)

sexy said...