Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RNA Winter Party

Well, it's a crisp clear morning here in Cornwall and last week seeems a long time ago - even this weekend for that matter, but I must tell you about the party.

In truth the party began before I arrived at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers as half the attendees were staying at the New Cavendish Club. I had a brief chance to chat with the lovely Eileen Ramsayand Katie Fforde kindly treated me to a drink at the bar before we went. I had hoped this would help to keep my eyes open (what kind of fool was I to think that you should fly in the morning of the big party???) and give me courage. By the time we arrive at six forty there was already a good crowd.

Evelyn Ryle who writes as Joanna Maitlandfor HMB pushed me into crowd with the words, "There seven agents here today and as many editors. Go get one." With knees shaking I plunged into the crowd and fell at the first hurdle when I bumped into a familiar face. However after a few minutes I reminded my self this was a jolly this was business this time. At all the past events I really didn't have anything to sell but this time it was not so. It was do or die.

I am pleased to report after several fortifying glasses of wine I did do........so in a few short minutes I will connecting the lap top to printer and submitting to two agents that I connected with at the party. They were both willing to look at August Rock - shock horror, no really its all a bit exciting and overwhelming.

The line up of editors were impressive. Represented in very healthy numbers were Orion, Transworld, Hodder, Harper, Piatkus, Harlequin Mills & Boon, and Severn House. It was a place to see and be seen. I was lucky enough to catch the moment when our chairwomen Catherine Jones, writing as Kate Lace, was handed her first copy of her second book for Little Black Dress by editor Cat Cobain.

I also have a very insightful chat with Gillian Green currently editor at Piatkus but moving on to the Ebury at Random House. She listened to me warble on as it was towards the end of the evening and gave me some sound advice - now it I could only recall it!

So who else did I see......Biddy Coady (who was being chased by Karin Stoeker, the editoral director of HMB to get her chapters in - so do it Biddy!) Fiona Harper, Judy Astley, Phillipa Ashley, Mary De Laszlo, Annie Ashurst (Sara Craven), Jan Jones, Jean Fullerton, Susie Vereker and my memory is beginning to fail me. I should have written this Friday morning but I didn't have time as I meeting Phillipa Ashley for coffee :-)

Then it was out to dinner which my body was telling was crazy but how could I turn down dinner with so many friends. I tried to keep my eyes open. At dinner it was a great chance to rehash the party and catch up.

At dinner (apologies as it's quite a list!) Kaite Fforde, Catherine Jones, Jo Thomas, Henrietta Gyland, Pia Tapper Fenton, Julia Williams(whose book Pastures new is out next month!) Giselle Green and Gilli Allen.......I struggled into the hotel and collapsed.

I can't say how wonderful it was to be with other writers and the bonus that they are friends too.......it will have to keep me going for a while.

As this is such a long post I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you about Dublin.


Therese said...

Ah, the benefits of good wine...

I've just joined the RWA (like RNA but in the US) and look forward to parties like this.

Good job connecting with those agents--my fingers are crossed for good luck!

Lane said...

Sounds and looks fantastic and well done for connecting with agents:-)

Fiona said...

I hope I get to go to the ball soon but slim chance at the moment.

How brilliant that you have agents looking at your work.

Keeping everything crossed for you.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I'm crossing everything too. I really hope one of them takes you on.

Phillipa said...

Liz - good luck with those submissions. It's great you have a t least one book ready to send off, polished and primed. It was lovely to chat with you too.

Rebecca Burgess said...

Oh, how much fun.

Flowerpot said...

soundsa great time was had by all - sorry I couldnt be there but well done for tackling those agents and best of luck!

liz fenwick said...

Theresa I hope you enjoy the RWA. The RNA has been such a b lessing for me.

Thanks Lane and you will get to go to the ball son Fiona :-)

Thanks Zinnia. Waiting hear your news.

Look forward to our next meeting Phillipa:-)

Jane Henry said...

Hi Liz, have been very quiet in the bloggy world for a while due to desperate second book submission deadline. eek.

However... it was great to see you again at the party and thanks for the plug for Pastures New!!

I have everything crossed for you!!

JJ said...

Fingers crossed for you Liz. I admire your bravery - I dread that bit!

Annieye said...

I missed you Liz!!! There were so many people there I just didn't see you at all. I was overwhelmed and saw so many people I knew from NR and Caerleon. Never mind, we'll catch up next time.