Thursday, November 22, 2007

Meme and Weekend with DS1

I'm not sure where times goes. I sit here in the early hours of the morning loving my house here in Cornwall realizing that I left Dubai a week ago. In that time I have networked, met with friends, been to Dublin, loved ds2, sent two submission and cleaned my Cornish home. In an hour, I head to London to meet with ds1 for the weekend. I can't wait. Again it is such a treat to spend the weekend with my body guard. I say this because at 15 he towers over me (to be fair so does ds2) but ds1 has shoulders beyond belief and takes great delight that his mother is such a midget. So this weekend we will prowl a gallery watch a film or two and maybe see a show plus meet with more friends. I can't wait!

Now Leigh tagged me for this meme - so here goes:

Five Gentlemen I'd Like To Have Round for Tea:
Hugh Jackman
George Washington (childhood hero)
Pope Benedict
Cary Grant
(Strange mix I know and I suppose it wouldn't be doing to be having impure thoughts about Hugh while chatting with the Pope!)

Five Ladies I'd Like to Lunch With:
Queen ElizabethII
Dame Judy Dench
My Maternal Grandmother
My Paternal Grandmother

Four People I'd Like To Meet in Heaven (exc. family & friends):
Mark Twain
Bing Crosby
Jimmy Stewart
Katherine Hepburn

Four Material Things I Couldn't Live Without:
My puter
My car
My camera
My house

Four Things I COULD Live Without:
the cat scratching my furniture
the cat bringing me presents

Three Books I Would Save From a Burning Building:
The family bible
Regency Buck
Tom Sawyer

Three Books I Would Throw Into a Burning Building:
Spencer's the Faerie Queene
Anything by Milton
Can't remember any others

Five Songs That Make Me Happy:
Handel’s The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Mambo No. 5
Ave Maria
Hey Baby
Groovy Kinda Love

Five Songs That Make Me Cry:
Can't think of any at the moment but it could just be jet lag

Two Things I Wish I'd Invented:
Haven't a clue

So if you feel like it then let me know so I can come see your list!


Lane said...

Dummy here had to google Hadewijch. Very interesting!

liz fenwick said...

I loved her writings - back when I had a brain. I do miss when I remember :-)

Kate.Kingsley said...

LOL at throwing Milton into a burning building ~ after trying to wade through Paradise Lost as an under-grad I'm happy to help you throw!

liz fenwick said...

So happy you are with me on Milton :-)