Friday, November 16, 2007

Greetings from London

It's really weird to be sitting in Starbucks on Oxford Street and writing a post......neat too. London is breathtaking - cool, clear and crisp. I'd almost forgotten.

Last night was Romantic Novelist Winter Party. Yet again it was another fabulous bash with loads of wonderful writers plus editors and agents. I did take a few photos which I will post next week when I have the connection cable for my camera.

I made contact with two agents that were on my lists and I will sending to them next week when I am Cornwall. Fingers crossed.

I'm off to Dublin with ds2 and I'm really a little kid. Enjoy the weekend all:-)


Flowerpot said...

sorry I couldn't make it but it sounded like a good party Liz. well done for making contact with agents as well. Enjoy Ireland!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ooh ooh ooh best of luck with the agents, I have everything crossed for you, keep us posted. And you have a good weekend, too!

JJ said...

Ooh, Liz I'm jealous. I want to feel crispy London... Have a really lovely time with your son and I look foward to seeing your photos.


Leigh said...

Exciting stuff!
Have fun in Ireland.

Biddy said...

It was lovely seeing you on Thursday! Have fun in Dublin. Hope to see you next weekend.

Phillipa said...

Hi Liz

I really enjoyed your company at the aprty and in Starbucks. Thanks for the confidence boost. You were right!

Debs said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make the party, as usual it sounds like great fun and most helpful. Best of luck with the contacts you've made.