Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dubai 7's

This has got to be one of the highlights of expat life in Dubai. When we left three years ago it was one of the things we longed for most. I was afraid that this year ( the last year in exiles club) would let me down. Well, it's bigger, brighter etc and I loved the chaotic friendly family of the past. Today we sat in the new family section (dry - yes I watched the 7's without a drop!) and it was brilliant.

The 7's were my real intro to rugby and they suit my short attention span beautifully. The Dubai ones are a social affair as much as a sporting one. I saw faces i remembered and met new people. Kids are safe to roam and a sense of the world as it should reigns as the international field performs for you. I was on of the few voices routing for the US team but with the sevens and rugby in general I find - a good try is a good try no matter who makes it.

So I leave you with one of the real reasons I love the Dubai 7's :-)


Lane said...

Liz you are a very naughty girl:-)

Sounds like great fun too!

Anonymous said...

Oh. We need rugby in the States ;)

Flowerpot said...

Yes that does it for me too!

Leigh said...

We're big rugby fans in this household. What fun to have that on your doorstep!

Jessica Raymond said...

Mmm, that looks like great fun!

Jess x

JJ said...

I love rugby too, but it's not the butts, it's the thighs ... oh my.

sheepish said...

I think you should order the Dieux du Stade 2008 Calendar. Naked French Rugby players, its certainly on my wish list!!!!!!!!

liz fenwick said...

I am very naighty Lane :-)

Rebecca I have picures of US team on my phone for you but can't find the cable to download but will find it soon. They were lovely and played well.

Glad it works for you too Flowerpot:-)

Yes, Leigh, one of the joys of Dubai is that things like the 7's are easy to go too.

Jess, it was brilliant fun for us all.

Jj, you didn't look closely enough. I was photosgraphing the thighs - he just turned!

Oh, Sheepish yes, definately going on my Christmas wish list:-)