Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dublin and Posted

Well the submissions went into the post an hour ago......I wouldn't have done both together except that I'm here and its easier. So fingers crossed.

Now to my fabulous weekend in Dublin with my middle son. It was a present for the both of us - time together without the other two interfering. We stayed at the hotel of my cousins which put us in the center of the city. It was easy to explore. The first place ds2 wanted to go was the Guinness Storehouse. DS2 has gift of scent - dh think he should become a sommelier as ds2 can detect the various aromas in wine with a sniff. Well, he loved the tour through the store house with the barely and the hops. He enjoyed the taste of the roasted barely and wondered if they would let him taste the finished product. I thought to myself - this is Dublin, no one will object. So when we reached the tasting room and I grabbed a glass - ds2 stuck his nose in and took a deep breath. He could smell it all. I told him to have a wee sip as no one was looking. He grinned from ear to ear.

After the storehouse we caught up with the wonderful Irish writer Abby Green ( check our her web site - the news section -for a great contest!) and she guided us through the day to finally land at a pub early evening listening to Traditional Music. DS2 felt this was the highlight of the trip (aside from being alone with his mother of course) - in the pub with a shandy and Abby and me. He quickly picked on the Irish ways of flattery - but it is in the blood of course.
Before the weekend was over we managed to squeeze in the Book of Kells at Trinty and a trip to Bewley's - so all in all DS2 had a great birthday.
Now i have been tagged by Leigh which I am looking forward to doing but not today. I need to clean the house!!!!
Here's a great link that set the light bulbs going for me


Lane said...

Good luck with the submissions and glad you had a wonderful time in Dublin:-)

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Lane :-)

Sally Lawton said...

All the best with the submission, fingers are firmly crossed for you.

Oh, Dublin looks lovely - I've always wanted to go.


liz fenwick said...

Thanks Sally :-)

Nell said...

Good luck with the submissions!

Fiona said...

I wonder how long they'll take to get back to you? I would be knocking the poor postman off his bike every morning to get the mail:)