Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RNA Conference Part One

So I posted a few of the photos from the weekend and I do have few more but I thought today I would give a brief round up of session One with Jodi Thomas. Her topic was 'How to Research and Sell a Romantic Suspense.'

First I have to say her story of how she came to be where she is was fascinating and at times hilarious. I won't try and sum it up but if you have the chance to attend one of her workshops - GO.

So here are her points ( as I caught them!) briefly:

1. write an original

2. who would be the character that would never be in a suspense - use them

3. end every chapter with a hook

4. make people care about your character; don't make them perfect; let the story force her to find her inner strength

5. make us hate the bad guy

6. take what you know and twist it ; create the suspense out of the ordinary

On the market front she said that is was going crazy in the States so if you are writing from else where make sure that you tie in the US some how so that you take the reader on the journey with you.
On a personal aside Jodi was lovely and it was great to have her around for the whole conference.


Ray-Anne said...

Thank you for the post.
I was lucky enough to have dinner with Jodi on the Friday evening, and she made my head spin with the wonderful critique of a thriller I completed a while back and could not sell.
She is a true original and I learnt an enormous amount. You know she did not mention once that she had won FOUR RITAs? RESPECT
What a star. A texas star even.
ps. My head is still spinning!
LOL Ray-Anne

liz fenwick said...

Lucky you. I really enjoyed all she had to say and her company :-) My head too is still spinning!

phillipa said...

Blush. I flopped down in the bar and started chatting to two very nice ladies ...mainly about the stresses of being a new author, whinge whinge etc. Imagine my shame when I realised I'd been pouring out my heart to Jodi and Bernadine! I am mortified even now but they were great and Jodi never mentioned she was a megastar. Gulp. What am I like?

liz fenwick said...

Phillipa you are totally normal :-)

Phillipa said...

Well..almost normal. I loved your floaty blue top btw (on a serious note.)

liz fenwick said...

It's a swim suit cover up!! I love it too. wish I had bought another one :-)