Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Let Down by Amazon

On Sunday Therese Fowler's book Souvenir was released here in the UK. Knowing that my schedule is so full I did the obvious thing and ordered it on Amazon. Amazon just sent me an email saying it won't be available until the 7th!!! The cheek and I don't have time to wander into a book store at the moment.

Today the cat and I are traveling to Cornwall with much of the stuff we won't be taking to Dubai. Yes, we are taking the cat but he becomes traumatised by the moving men which will be swarming the house on Monday so his holiday in Cornwall will start today the lucky sod.

Yesterday was my last book club with my Fulham mums. I was sad and guilty at the same time. I yet again hadn't read the chosen book - Atonement. I am so behind on my reading. However as my farewell I have suggested the two summer reads for them. The first one is Caroline Smailes' In Search of Adam. My copy is beckoning me but will have to wait until the packers are through. The other read is Matt Dunn's Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook. It was Chris's delight in it that cinched for the mums. You see I grabbed the book as we left for Venice. WE had much on our mind and unfortunately it wasn't frivolous but should he take the new job and leave his old company. Matt's book did the trick and pulled him out of the heavy thoughts and made him laugh. Chris's comments aside from funny - Matt is very astute. BTW for male reader the cover is acceptable.

Summer is my reading time. I don't write during the summer as the kids are at home and still need me. However I find that by the end of the summer I am bursting to write. Each of the last two books was germinated in late August. I wonder what this year will bring?


Caroline said...

Must admit to being slightly worried with the title and then the image of ISoA! Thanks so much for suggesting ISoA.

liz fenwick said...

Sorry, didn't think about that! Will change it now!!!!

Caroline said...

Nooooo it's ok! Just had a panic at seeing pissed off so close to ISoA's image ;-) x

Therese said...

Oh no, rotten of Amazon to hold you up! But sweet of you to show off the cover here, thanks!

I'm told the book's in Tesco and WHSmith and Sainsburys and Waitrose--and airport bookshops too, so if you get by one of those, look for it and then you can cancel with Amazon.

When you've had time to read, please let me know what you think of it.

Also, I've put up a special message for UK readers on my website www.theresefowler.com

Wish I was there to get you a copy directly!!

cs harris said...

Isn't the cat originally from Dubai? How does he like traveling? I took my Huckleberry up to the lake with me this time and listened to MEEOW most of the way.

Sorry you won't be coming to the States, but Dubai is always fun!

Phillipa said...

Liz . Please say you'll keep in touch and carry on with your blog even though you have an exciting new life in Dubai. Good luck with the Daily Mail competition.

P x

Jan said...

Enjoy the summer with your little ones, Liz, coz very soon they become very big ones!

ChrisH said...

Hi Liz, I missed your previous blog due to being in Pit of Doom. Lovely photo. Gosh you do have a lot to pack in, I don't envy you this bit but do send every good wish for the move.
Thanks for celebrating the agent news with me - very unexpected turn of event.