Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RNA Conference Part 5

In the afternoon session the next speaker was the beautiful Emma Dunford of Gregory and Company whose topic was 'Standing Out in the Agency Slush Pile.' She's picutred here with RNA treasurer Evelyn Ryle. The first thing that Emma said that was needed was to be tenacious. You had to be able to bounce back after rejection.

She then went on to say that what makes a script stands out is:

1. target the right agency
2. cover letter, synopsis, and first three chapters (just what they ask for)

3. submit to the right person

Then she addresses the three components:

1-3 chapters must be material to draw an editor in; confident narrative voice, USP - unique selling point (she noted that you can help plot but you can't help voice)

The synopsis must be double spaced and one page. It is a story summary that tempts and teases; places the script in genre; and give you a flavour of the writing. It must contain :
1. characters

2. conflicts

3. story arc

It is an extended blurb - tells the ending and uses enthusiasm; pretend you are describing it to a friend. Make sure that it just tells the important facts.

The letter must sum up the submission. Remember its the first thing they read. Sell your self. Target the letter - why have you chosen the agency - referral, web site, author -- DO YOUR RESEARCH! The letter should have a blurb of the story - no spoilers here though.
Final bits of advice were:

You must be prepared to wait; OK to check after seven weeks.

Be prepared for rejection.

Be realistic

Don't expect a personal response

If taken on it's only the first step

Remember they are looking for any reason to turn it down

They do have data base; so they know how many times you have submitted

Be tenacious (frequent submitting not a bad thing!)

Timing is all.

The rain is falling here. Yesterday was a glorious day that we spent on a beach on the river. Poor middle ds forgot the sunblock on his legs and feet and was doing the lobster dance last night! Eldest ds and I are reading Harry Potter in tandem which is great fun. The middle one has finished it already and it on pain of death if he tells us anything!!!

I have 100 pages left of the August Rock reread. I did enjoy it a bit more yesterday morning but I do want to move on!!!


Kate.Kingsley said...

I'm reading HP7 right now too ~ I'm pages and pages behind everyone else, so I'm having to walk round with eyes and ears closed in case I accidentally discover anything!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Thanks for this, Liz. I may be at the sending-out stage later this year, so I find posts like this compulsive reading.