Sunday, July 01, 2007

Leaving Party

I had intended to takes loads of photos but this is one of two. It's a good photo of both Fiona Harper and I after several glasses of bubbly and wine...........

She came with her latest book, Break Up to Make Up signed and I was touched beyond words as she was writing that book when we traveled up to Penrith for the Romantic Novelist Association conference last year. We laughed so much on the journey and continued through the whole weekend. She's not coming to the conference this years as she's going to the Romance Writers of America conference because her first book Blind Date Marriage is up for a RITA. So I'll miss my giggling buddy but I know that she is off to collect another award so it's just about OK!!!

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Therese said...

Wow, Dubai instead of Texas--much more exciting, I'm sure!

When is your last day in London? How sad, but how nice to have a Leaving Party and such wonderful guests.

liz fenwick said...

Last day in London will be the 14th July then off to Cornwall for the summer. Much sadness but it's an exciting time too.

As life is crazy I ordered your book from Amazon last week. It should arrrive today :-)

sheepish said...

Bastille Day in France, so a good day to take your leave of London, fireworks all round. Cornwall will be a lovely place to spend the summer before heading off to Dubai. You certainly know how to fill your life. Well done on getting your novel sent off in time, such dedication with so much going on. I wish I was so focused.