Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Novel Racers Update

Well, its now half a week since the rough draft of A Cornish House has been in the bag. Have I forgotten it? Only when the champagne bubbles made me forget why we were drinking it! Seriously things have been bubbling around in the old brain but I have not touched it, I promise. I know I need distance to read it objectively. Mind you I have plenty of distance from the beginning of the book as I have not read it. Yes, it's true. I have written 92,500 words and have not read them. Brave? Foolish? Both? Don't know yet.......

So in this sabbatical from full-on writing I thought I would like to high-light the Novel Racers one by one if they are game. We are a diverse bunch and it has been so much more fun writing with them cheering and commiserating along side lines. So today I am going to ask each racers to write a paragraph or two about themselves or their work or their dog or cat or whatever takes their fancy........

Before that though we have added a few new racers. The latest is Cally at I recommend a prompt visit to see her as she has a wonderful clip from Family Guy about it taking three years to write a novel. It was so true it almost made me cry.......with laughter of course.

Also new to the racers is Jacqui Lofthouse at She is not only a novelist but a writing coach. I signed up for her newsletter and with that came some wonderful articles on the just getting writing that would have come in handy at the middle of the book when I was dragging my feet. Definitely a worth while read..........

Maht over at is gearing up for another writing contest on his blog on 1st May - so pop by and see what's happening. He also entered the competition at the "endless Hour" short fiction contest. You can still enter today. For some reason I don't do short fiction so I have avoided it but I thoroughly enjoyed Maht's entry.

Other news.........The house is shaping up nicely from all my attention. Still no word on the location of our imminent move. So today I thought I would tell you the likely options and maybe we could run a bet on which one will win out???? So here are the main contenders:

Kuala Lumpur
Wild Card

Let me know your guess and I'll keep a running tally.

Finally the big stress item in my life at the moment........what to wear on Friday at the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year award lunch at the Savoy. When all around you is crazy I find it best to stress about those items you can do something about........if there is nothing in the wardrobe them I have the perfect excuse to shop :-)


NoviceNovelist said...

Hi Liz, It's going to be a really fascinating experience for you when you come to read your book. I wonder what surprises will be in store for you. I think time and distance from your writing is a great thing - I was reading my opening chapter y'day which I wrote about a year ago and thought I had actually finished and polished - as I used it for my disseration for my Masters course last year - BUT I was realy surprised at it and could see immediately where it needed a bit of pruning - yet a year ago I thought that was it. I think it's now finished!!! Which location would you like to go to? I'll plump for Houston for you. Final word - GO SHOPPING for something new!!!!! Enjoy the event - sounds like glammy fun!!

liz fenwick said...

Isabella thanks for the urge to go shopping!!!! It only takes a little push.

I put your vote down for Houston.

It's funny what perspective time gives us on our writing. That God for it.....I'm afraid to reread the first novel I submitted to the RNA new writers scheme....its sits enclosed in darkness at the back of the cupbaord where it may live forever - well obviously not forever in this house!

Lucy Diamond said...

Paris would be nice...and not too far away from your friends in Blighty. And the perfect spot for a writer, too, of course!

sheepish said...

It has to be Paris, but then I am just a bit biased. Definitely something new for the Savoy. You deserve a treat for finishing your first draft so quickly. Why are you moving, did I miss something?

Jan said...

Interesting to read about your Novel Racers, Liz.
What is their speed ( sorry, time ) limit?
You certainly have a varied list of places to live..Paris would undoubtedly be MY choice.
Do you get a say in the matter?
What a lot of stuff going on in your life.
All sounds good. ENjOY.

Therese said...

My sincere congratulations on completing your novel! I am astonished that you haven't read it!

By the time I get to the end of my drafts, I've read the beginning so many times I can almost recite it verbatim. :)

As for your move, wow, what an interesting list of possibilities! I want to "vote," but have no basis for guessing.

Who's your husband's employer, or what's his line of work anyway?

Houston is closer to Raleigh...but the other options sound much more intriguing!

liz fenwick said...

Now lets see, we have two votes for Houston and three for Paris.......

Jan the novel racers have no set time limits. Many of us began back in January and a few have already completed but others are working away. Racers is a bit of a misnomer really but we haven't found another name. Go to Kate Harrison's link on the side bar and you'll see where it all began.

Yes, Therese, it is frightening that I haven't read it. I made the concious decision this time not to. A Cornish House is very different from August Rock asnd I didn't want to stop the new direction byt fiddling. I don't know whether it will be successful or not. Time will tell :-)

liz fenwick said...

Jan I just realized that I have the link on the bottom of the novel racers list - the rules of the game! Click it and all will be revealed :-)

Jessica Raymond said...

I'd hope for Paris!

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

That makes four for Paris :-)

JJ said...

Hi Liz
1. New clothes - dash out now!
2. Wildcard: I have to say Bangkok, don't I?
3. I'm game. I will begin a paragraph!

liz fenwick said...

I'm waiting eagerly!!!!!

I'll add your suggestion of Bangkok to the list.........