Sunday, April 29, 2007

Savoy 3

Well a few days later and I confess I'm still tired. I'm too old I've decided. However first things first.......what did I wear. In the end the lovely top my mother gave me for my birthday back on the 9th. If you are curious there is a photo of moi with great writing friend Fiona Harper on her blog, She also has some other photos of the Savoy. I should have brought a camera and I wouldn't have to rely on the dodgy pictures from my phone. I include one more. Nell Dixon with Madde Rowe, one of the lovely editors at Mills and Boon.

Now, onto the rest of the wonderful things at the Savoy. As I mentioned fellow Novel Racer Bernardine Kennnedy was there as was Lesley Cookman. Please forgive me as this will begin to read like Hello magazine with the names just rolling by.....I had a chance for a quick chat with Kate Walker before lunch when I saw the author, Susie Vereker who wrote An Old-Fashioned Arrangement of one of my favorite books last year. From my to be read pile.....was the lovely Jane Gordon Cummings who was one of the clever organizers. Jan Jones, another one of the brilliant organizers, who again was guardian angel in her seating arrangements. I was with two other aspiring writers, two agents, Julie Cohen, Delys Curthoys, and one wonderful author who I must confess I can't remember her name. She was brilliant and I'm off to buy the suggested books to help me find exactly what I should be writing (that will be a subject of another day). I was delighted to see Giselle Green mentioned back in the post on marketing........ Oh and I finally met Judy Astley who has a home near mine in Cornwall.

The lunch flew by with Rosie Thomas' win and then Nell Dixon's. Once on my feet I ran into Jenny Haddon, the chair of the RNA who was looking stunning and did a brilliant job as mc. Michelle Styles who had been one of the short list for the Romance prize and her lovely daughter. See I did mention it would be a bit like Hello magazine......sort of the who is who of romantic fiction. I didn 't have the opportunity to speak with the Michael Allan of the blog Grumpy Old Bookman but I was pleased with his write-up of the event on his blog. In the bar immediately after I caught with Fiona again and had a great chat to an editor from Mills and Boon and her MIRA colleague and journalist Danuta Kean.

Finally after that is was off to the pub to meet up with dedicated! Things begin to go slightly fuzzy but I had great fun with Jan Jones, Roger Sanderson, Fiona Harper, Bernardine Kennedy, Lesley Cookman, Judy Astley, Gilli Allan, Jenny Harper, Jean Buchanan, Henrietta Gyland, Mary Zacaroli and Katie Fforde. In the end the die-hards were Henrietta, Gilli, Mary, Katie and I. We ventured off into the wilds of Covent Garden on a Friday night to find food. It was a good meal from what I remember but the company was tops.

Thank God it's another year until the next one :-)

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