Friday, April 06, 2012

The Chichester Writing Festival - Part Four

Sunday at the Chichester Writing Festival began with New Publishing and the panelists were - Alison Baverstock- publisher, trainer and writer, Dan Kiernan-writer and co-founder of new publisher Ubound
and Adrian Weston agent.

Again the notes for this session are bitty...

DK Unbound – people buying into the work before hand, the audience is already there
The author has to be entrepreneur
Dignity of author – content creator
AB Self- publishing is a process not a product
Has to have value to someone
Self-publishing teaches you about publishing, you have to replicate it all
AW Agent representing self pubs on foreign rights

Not sure who to attribute these to...
How do you boundary time – importance of creating something worth reading
Building and audience connecting
Market visibly and editorial

The second session on Sunday was Writing For Children with Sally Kindberg - artist and author, Bridget Strevens - author and illustrator and David Whitley-author. I only captured David's thoughts as the others were varied on illustrations and gave me a brilliant story idea and well my mind was off plotting...

D W 
Darkness – take it as far as it needs to go
Focus on the emotion of the scene – then the scene will develop momentum – Greg Mosse
Began with Fanfiction at 19 and is now 27 (see Joanna Trollope's comment from yesterday's notes)

Tomorrow my notes on Kate Mosse's chat with Francesca Simon...


Liz Harris said...

It sounds as if it was a brilliant Lit Fest, being one from which the delegates left with something to think about.

Liz X

liz fenwick said...

Liz - it was!