Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brain Dead

If you look at the side bar August Rock has rolled past the 100,000 word mark. Rewrite 5 is done. Tomorrow I need to do the edit typo edit my reader has found, print out, rework the synopsis and pop into a Jiffy bag and forget while I move.

August Rock is definitely better for the rewrite. I know it's not a prize winner......yet. When I have some energy again I need to Sol Stein and then do some more breakout work with it. However I have enjoyed the rewriting process. I have seen my work grow to a better level and I will have met my goal under difficult circumstances. That makes me feel better even though my head is pounding and my eyes ache from looking at the 'puter!

As they say you never finish you just stop writing.


NoviceNovelist said...

Well done Liz - brillant! I like your comments on the process of your rewrite. I feel exactly the same. I've been chained to my laptop and am at 76,000 words. I have about 5,000 more to add in and I'm done. I shall spend tomorrow tidying up the last 5,000 and pop in the post also. Then like you, back to the real work of a thorough edit. I'm off for a glass of wine now though - sounds like you deserve one to! That's great news!

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Isabella. We are off to have a glass of wine :-)

leatherdykeuk said...

Well done Liz!

Jen said...

Oh Liz, I can't believe you've done all that with everything else going on around you - I'll have some of whatever you're on please!

Caroline said...

You have so much energy ... please throw some my way.

A. Writer said...

You've done so well!

Good for you Liz!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Brilliant Liz ~ make sure you celebrate in style!

Best of luck for the move, too. As Jen said, with so much on at the moment its a real testament to your determination that you got the draft finished.

Kate K

CTaylor said...

Woo hoo! That's brilliant!