Thursday, June 21, 2007

Normal Life Returns

At 7:30 in the morning Venice is a buzz of activity. I love that all things in Venice arrive by water. I also love it's contrasts.

But enough of Venice and it's contrast. Yesterday I returned to revision which mainly consisted of new writing. Many new scenes had to be added to keep the twists turning. This is much slower work as I have to keep thinking about how much my characters have changed since the beginning. When I am writing a whole draft straight through their changes evolve and it's not something I am fully conscious of ....... now I need to be. I keep asking myself things like - is this how Judith would react now?

The work now totals 96,500 words of which 78,000 is reworked. I will hit the 100,000 words with all the new scenes that have to be added. On another note, over on Judy Merrill Larsen's blog she is talking about the control of writing - the control we have over the story and the lives of its characters. She also mentions letting go of that control and letting the characters lead in part of her revision process. I definitely let them have their way in draft one. I think what has focused me on this fifth rewrite is that I have more control which with the move and all the chaos is the only thing I have control over at present.
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Victoria Hume said...

I love your pictures of venice. I'm so envious, i'm in serious need of a holiday. I particularly like the picture of the man in white uniform!

liz fenwick said...

Yes, Victoria, he is definitely on of more delectible attractions!!

Nichola said...

I'm so jealous I've gone as green as Shrek.

Although I'm half his size and dare I say it, better looking. ;)

I'd love to go to Italy - and I wouldn't want to come home.

Jen said...

Your piccies are totally inspiring me to visit Venice... I've truly never had the urge until now.

See what you've started?

I like letting the characters take the lead... there's something very, um, organic about it?

Kate.Kingsley said...

Best of luck with the move, Liz,and with the revisions. Must be hard to come back to the day to day graft after the beauty of Venice (and not just the lovely uniform chap!)

Kate K

ORION said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Venice looks very wonderful.
I plan to travel to London when the UK version of Lottery comes out in January.
How cold will I be?

sheepish said...

Just had to comment on the gorgeous---------- er flowers!!!!

I am a great fan of Italy although I haven't been to Venice yet, it certainly looks worth a visit if only for the beautiful young er flowers!!!!.

Hope life is not too frantic for you at the moment and that your rewrite is progressing.

Rowan Coleman said...

Liz! I love Venice, I spent the most wondeful time of my life there a couple of years ago ( excluding wedding days, childbirth etc etc) It's such an amazing magical place isn't it? The most beautiful thing I have ever seen (besides my loved ones/dog/first novel on a shelf etc etc) was the sun setting behind St Marks Sqaure whilst sipping a Bellini in Cipps bar. Heaven. When ever I see it on TV or in a book I actually cry.

Jan said...

LOvely VEnetian snaps, Liz.
Lots of VEnetian attractions too..

ChrisH said...

You're doing really well to be so focused on the rewrites with everything else going on. Thanks for the wake-up call... I'll make sure I have something to report at the next coffee break!