Monday, June 04, 2007

Girls Road Trip

Yet again I am sitting in an airport and today for a lot longer than I'd like to be. They cancelled my mid-day flight and I was lucky to get on the morning flight to Newark. My flight to London is not until seven!

Enough about flying which I despise! Onto a girls road trip........I mentioned that my best friend, Doz, lives in the wilds of Vermont but she was getting married in New Hampshire beside the lake near her parents holiday cottage. This created the need for the road trip. Her now husband wanted her take his brand new (only 76 miles on the clock) Ford 150 pick up truck. Now this wasn't your average every day run of the mill pick up - even I who am clueless about this sort thing new that this vanilla coloured leather seated pick up was kinda special! Doz didn't want to take it! I insisted. Her man loved her, I didn't fancy her old cluttered Saab, and these were the waning hours of her single life. It had to be the pick up with country music serenading us the whole way through the mountains to the lake.

As I may have mentioned in the past Doz and I are as different as best friend come. I am a city girl at heart (except for Cornwall) and she is country. Doz runs marathons and I walk. But despite all this and this week in particular I have learned we are very alike. We care about other people deeply and many times put their needs well above our own. So we are alike where it counts.
Now another big difference is that Doz doesn't know how to be still. I do. Setting off on this trip she is wired totally but we slide into the big cab and the country tunes surround us. The cloud is lifting off the mountain and she smiles. Once over the mountain we are in search of a manicure. She isn't fussed but I point out that tomorrow she is a bride and her hand will be on display. She relents. Now you can imagine that manicure salons could be a bit sparse in the mountain villages of Vermont but we find one in Middlebury next to the gas station. There is only one girl and she starts on Doz first. Slow doesn't begin to describe her but it is forcing Doz to sit still. Finally after forty minutes she gets to the stage where she was Doz to sit and let her nails dry before the final coat!

Doz is sent to the waxing chair and the girl begins on me. I notice Doz nodding off so I ask the girl's life story. I know there is a book in there some where but I can't shake the bit out of my head about the dog eating the cat! Doz slept for nearly an hour.

Next stop is the home of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream for the wedding cake. Yes, this isn't to be your ordinary run of the mill wedding. Ice cream cake and a service beside the lake somehow suit Doz.

We are still an hour an a bit from her parents cottage. One last pit stop and low an behold there is an LLBean outlet. Do we have time? Always. So I manage to find a present for the groom as I was Doz's present!

Finally at eight pm we arrive. We left Vermont at 1:30. The journey normally takes two and a half hours. I squeezed the best out of the last hours of single life for her and made her rest! Miracles never cease! It was better than any hen night could have been.


Bernardine Kennedy said...

Oh My Lord. A visit to the home of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.
An Ice Cream Cake.....
How could you not take me?

liz fenwick said...

You would have loved it!!!!

Biddy said...

Oh my!!! Pick up truck, country music, ice cream.... blimey! I am very jealous :-)

liz fenwick said...

You should be Biddy, it was fab!!!