Wednesday, May 08, 2013

When Julia Gregson Runs Away...

Here's Julia's Story...

I’ve always been fascinated by bolters- Nancy Mitford’s perfect description of women who make a dash for freedom.
But it occurred to me, only recently, that  all my heroines in East of the Sun,  The Water Horse and Jasmine Nights are  runaways- towards new jobs, new countries, new lives, or unsuitable adventures in a stranger’s arms- and that maybe, they are to compensate for my own failures as a runaway .
I was five years old myself when I decided I could no longer tolerate the cruelties of parents who instead of allowing me to ride a friend’s pony up a dark hill after dark, wanted me to stay in the house and tidy  my room.
When I announced my intention to leave my mother ruined my big  moment  by saying softly :
 ‘Darling, let me help you.’ She went upstairs. She  packed for me- chocolate, clean hanky, torch etc. She put my  suitcase by the door.
Why wasn’t she sobbing brokenly, clinging to me by the ankles?
Something had gone badly wrong.
I’ve got better at runaways over time, and highly recommend a what-the -hell day to any woman suddenly sick of being disciplined, of juggling, cooking ,spinning plates, entertaining relatives. The rules are that , for one day, you drop the whole bundle and do exactly what you want .
My planned W.T.H  days  year will include, a long lunch with a friend in which you don’t dash off to do something worthy.  A visit to Gifford’s Circus. It’s fabulous and silly and makes you feel about five again. Eat lots of ice cream and popcorn there.
   A ride on a pony somewhere wild and free, maybe the Brecon Beacons,  partly because it’s a heavenly thing to do ,  also  to  say ya boo sucks to my mother for ruining my dramatic moment  all those years ago.

Julia's latest book...

1942 and the world is at war. It is a war that has already shattered families and devastated countries. But for some, it will also mean the greatest of adventures.
In a burns hospital in Sussex, a beautiful young singer performs to a ward full of injured soldiers. Saba is captivating and one pilot, Dom, shudders as her gaze turns his way. He can't bear her to see his scars but resolves to write to her once they have healed.
The world is on the brink of enormous change. Saba's journey as a singer with ENSA takes her to the fading glamour of Alexandria and the heat and decadence of Turkey. On the glamorous Middle Eastern social circuit, Saba rubs shoulders with double agents and diplomats, movie stars and smugglers. Some want her voice, some her friendship, and some the secrets she is perfectly placed to discover...

To learn more about Julia and her books visit here.


Edith said...

Ooh I love your idea of a WTH day ! Must try one very soon!

Liz Fenwick said...

Me too Edith!