Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, my life is rarely quiet...on Friday morning we flew to Vienna...(DH has a conference here this week and well he needed company!)

Here's a few pics from days one and two and as you can see I'm still keeping this champagne thing going (and will try and spread it out for as long as possible)...

Friday's lunch
This sign caught DH's eye
Fabulous restaurant on Friday evening
Moi with yet another glass of champagne!
Just outside the Spanish Riding School (watched them practice - so beautiful)
A little morning music
The rose garden in the Volkspark - the scent was amazing

In the courtyard where we had a lovely lunch
Discovered the realities of carriages on cobbles
St Stephan's Cathedral


Nell Dixon said...

Lovely pics, Liz. I do so enjoy seeing your travels.

catdownunder said...

am jealous

D.J.Kirkby said...

Lovely photos. I imagine the realities of a carriage on cobblestones doesn't mix well with a tummy full of champagne bubbles.

Debs Carr said...

You certainly know how to live and I'm glad that champagne is still flowing.

liz fenwick said...

It is a fabulous city and I'm happy to share. Didn't take any photos last night but went to a wonderful concert featuring Strauss and Motzart....

DJ - carriage on cobble stones - grateful for reasonably well cushioned seats :-)


HelenMHunt said...

Oh it looks wonderful. You lucky girl!