Friday, March 25, 2011

Self Publishing...and Packing Again

I was so excited to see that my uncle, John Patrick Davey, had self published his book...THE DARK SIDE OF BUNKERHILL. 'The death of an old lady in Cambridge sets off a pattern of deadly behavior leading to the murder of a retired Judge on Boston's Bunker Hill and the mysterious death of a disbarred attorney. An illegal plan to take over a multi million dollar insurance trust falls apart when the planners allow blackmail and greed to develop into murder. The plot from the beginning, is peopled by characters intent on cheating each other forgetting that main prize is the trust's millions managed by a trio of old men. In turn they stun the conspirators by pulling a clever scheme of `bait and switch' surpassing the ingenuity of their antagonists. The locus is Boston and it's Homicide Unit which leads the reader through the old city's `Freedom Trail' after the killers.'

I bought and downloaded it onto my iPad to read for tomorrow's flight. A crime/thriller isn't my normal choice, but Id seen bits of this book in it's earlier I'm looking forward to reading the end result.

I find the whole new birth in self publishing interesting. On Friday next week a writing buddy of mine Janice Horton will be answering a few question on her road to self publishing....

Yes, I'm flying the UK and it will be a busy trip. A birthday party for one of sister-in-laws, a quick visit to Cornwall, a meeting with my agent (oh, can i say that again - a meeting with my agent - still doesn't seem real) and then collecting two of the kids before flying back to Dubai...

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