Friday, March 11, 2011

Emirates Airlines Literary Festival - Day Two

A trip to the top with Michael Palin and Roger McGough ( all I can say say is i am lucky...remind me to tell you about the guy who said to Michael ...did you know you look like Michael Palin....
Looking at the displays
looking up to the viewing floor 124 floors up
the view
Roger mcGough, moi, Helen Palin and Michael Palin
Roger getting to grips with the viewer
Michael Palin back at the hotel
Michael signing the canvas


catdownunder said...

Ooohhh I am so jealous! I have always wanted to meet Michael Palin. He comes over as such a remarkable person and very humane person in all those travelogues!

Sue Guiney said...

How incredibly cool is that? Woo hoo you!!

liz fenwick said...

Cat he is exactly in person as he is on tv...simply lovely and very funny.

Sue it was amazingly cool!


Jane Henry said...

I was just going to ask if MP is as nice as he appears on TV. I love him most of all the Pythons.

My brother(when he was very young) once met Roger McGough at a British Council function. Not knowing anything about poetry he didn't recognise him. And what do you do? was bro's opening gambit. I write poetry, came the reply. Anything I'd know? bro's response, before crawling off into a ditch to die...

liz fenwick said...

J - he is as nice if not nicer in person and Roger is delightful...I think he would have found the situation with your brother quite funny.

D.J.Kirkby said...

Wow...Michael Palin! I think I owuld prefer to look up at the viewing tower than look down from it. I seem to have developed a fear of heights over the past couple of years.