Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Dream

Two unconnected things happened that mdke think about my high school year book. It's not something that I dig out very often - in fact I can't remember the last time.

But yesterday on Facebook my best friend from high school congratulated me on my news. I was touched in so many ways. One was that she remembered that writing had always been my thing.

Then on Twitter today @LizUK was asking what advice would writers give the 10+ regarding writing. I said @ I would say to them to remember sometimes dreams take a long time to happen but if you keep working they do

Our conversation continued and I mentioned being stubborn...I can't remember when writing became the be all and end all for me, but by the time I graduated high school it was clearly top of my list.

There are many things I've learned over the years, but a big one is that it is never too late to follow your dreams and sometimes those dreams change. Oh and I have no idea what a lot of what I had written down there means (like a code really) but My Book was first on the list (now I wish I could remember what it was about, but I am eternally grateful that it is has been lost in time:-) )

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