Monday, June 29, 2009

Where I Work and Links

Two great links today. One for sheer enjoyment - Ben Johncock's blog for The Bookseller had me laughing into my coffee this morning. I had never thought about the comparison of a writer's 'study' to 'the bedroom of our youth' but it's so true.........books, pictures of things that inspire (gorgeous men - for research and inspiration only I hasten to add, exotic locations, words of wisdom..... ). Of course I have a dream study in mind, but generally work on the dinning room table where everything gets swept into a drawer at the end of the day and here in Cornwall I sit in a large red arm chair with my back to the window overlooking the garden as I would never write a single word!

The other link is from agent Jenny Bent on her blog. It's a timely piece (pun intended-see blog) on making your luck by keeping aware of the market, but still writing the book of your heart. Now off to check out if August Rock might not fit the bill that she was talking about with a little tweaking!

Pleased to report that I am writing. It may well be crap but at least the word count is climbing and the plot seems to be moving forward. I haven't yet figured out to tie it all up into the ending I want yet but somehow I'll get there (or at least I have in the last too books!).


Revisionista said...

love that gorgeous chair!

sounds like you're making great progress on your wip.

happy writing!

Debs said...

Love your writing space, and I'm not surprised you don't look out of the window, it's far too beautiful and distracting out there.

My writing space is exactly like the bedroom of my youth, though I hadn't thought of that before now.

Off to check out the links, thanks.

T. Anne said...

Hey, I'm all about the word count so big congrats on that. The second revision is where you save the book. Glad I found your blog!

ChrisH said...

Well done for cracking on with your writing and thanks for the link... actually that's very true about the writing rooms and Jenny's blog cheered me up greatly.

liz fenwick said...

Revisionista - the chair has a wonderful story to tell. It is a family piece that has been handed down and when have a wonderful photo of it during it's service onboard a ship. If I can lay my hands on it this summer I shall scan the photo and tell the tale such as I know it!

Debs - I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Do we secretly want to revert to then? Or is it that we feel the fountain of our creativity lives there because that is where we first displayed our first real splash of decoration!

T.Anne, welcome. Secomnd drafts are for me the saving draft or in the case of the last book the balancing draft. I seem to enjoy my villians too mcuh :-)

Jenny's blog did the same for me too!

ninaharrington said...

What an interesting concept. The bedroom of my youth,,, um, no, not in my case. But certainly the bedroom from university, that would be true.
Have bookmarked the links for later - and I am pleased you like Billie Mernit.
What lovely pics. I can totally see you there and many congrats on making progress. :-)

Tricia said...

I don't think I could turn my back on a garden that beautiful.

I live in a flat smog shrouded concrete jungle. With that in mind I don't know what's taking me so long to finish revising my novel. My goal is to begin querying in August.