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I have the fun task of compiling the the monthly list of publications for Romantic Novelists' Association (RNA). I was late doing this moths list because of netbook problem (ahem). So as I did this moths list I was struck by the diversity of the list. On it you have some big names - Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde and you have some newer writers as well. You have international publishers, US , e -pubs cover the light to the gritty. So I thought I would publish this months list here......enjoy the diversity :-)

June List 2009

Anna Louise Lucia – Dangerous Lies
1934755087,9781934755082 Medallion Press
June 2009 US$7.95, CDN$8.95Marianne Forster was only spending time with a gorgeous man in the hot sun of Morocco.It wasn't anything more than that - until she was kidnapped on the way home.

Susie Vereker - Tropical Connections
ISBN 9780 7278 67872 - Severn House
1st June £18.99
Love, art and intrigue in the Far East. Claire finds more than she bargains for.

Katie Fforde -Love Letters
978-1-8460-5447-1 Cenutry
4th June, £12.99 (on offer in Waterstones)

Catherine King - Without a Mother's Love
9780750530415 Magna Large Print Edition. Hardback.
June 2009. Price £19.99p.
'Abandoned and alone, they must find the courage to survive'
Another gritty saga set in 19th Century Yorkshire.

Victoria Connelly - Molly's Millions
Allison & Busby
A fast-paced love chase about a lottery winner who gives it all away.

Monica Fairview - The Other Mr Darcy
0709088116 Robert Hale
June 30 - £18.99 (now on discount for £13.99 until the end of June from Robert Hale)
An Austeneque romantic comedy: Caroline Bingley is heartbroken at Darcy's wedding -- and caught in an embarrassing situation by Darcy's American cousin.

Sheila Newberry - The Watercress Girls
978-7090-8798-4 Robert Hale
30th June 2009 £18.99
In August 1914 Mattie dances in the stream with her sister, unaware that
their idyllic childhood in Suffolk is almost at an end.

Benita Brown – The Promise

978-0-7553-3476-6 Headline
June £5.99
A powerful story of two young sisters caught up in an underworld of corruption and deceit.

Kate Jackson - Reach for the stars
People's Friend June 13, 2009
78pHannah has no idea what to expect when she accepts Jack's strange invitation.

Julie Cohen - Girl from Mars
978-0755341399 - Little Black Dress
11 June 2009 - £5.99
"I, Philomena Desdemona Brown, do solemnly swear to forsake all romantic relationships. There. Now do I really have to say it in Klingon?"

Cat Marsters - Sundown International
978-1-60521-171-8 - Changeling Press ebook
26 June - TBC: approx $8.99
Collection of four previously released novellas in the Sundown series of paranormal erotic romance. Includes the award-winning Never Leave Me.

Louise Allen-The Society Catch in Regency High Society Affairs vol.4
978-0-263-87551-5 Harlequin Mills & Boon
June 2009 £6.99
Rather than face a loveless arranged match Joanna flees, and it is Giles Gregory, whom she has always loved, that her mother asks for help to find her.

Nicola Cornick - The Confessions of a Duchess
ISBN 13: 978-0-373-77377-0 Harlequin HQN Books1st June 2009 $7.99 or £4.73First in the Brides of Fortune Regency trilogy

Janet Woods - The Coal Gatherer (LP)
1884 Callie Ingram is the daughter of a fisherman who defies her father to obtain her heart's desire.

Jill Mansell - Rumour Has It.
ISBN 9780755328192 Headline Review
25th June £6.99
Cotswolds-set rom com

Georgia Evans - Bloody Good
978-0-7582-3481-0 Kensington Fantasy
June $6.99
Vampire spies infiltrate the Surrey countryside during 1940.

Susan Palmquist -A Sterling Affair
1-60154-367-0 The Wild Rose Press
Date-June 5th, 2009 $12.99
Can Sir Ian Ashby, who just happens to be over 200 years old and returned from the grave, give Deana Adams a second chance at love?


Podpodley said...

Finished reading Love Letters on Tuesday (Bought in Tesco on Sunday) and would recommend highly. Think it is Katie Fforde's best yet!

liz fenwick said...

Good to see you here Podpodley :-) I picked up my copy in Truro and will read when I return to Cornwall in a coiupke weeks. Can't wait!!!

Debs said...

I can't wait to read several of those books, they look fabulous.

Tam said...

Oooh, what a great list! Amazon here I come!

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks for doing all this work, Liz, while you jet-set around!