Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amsterdam Visited But Not Discovered

The trip didn't start well with luggage enjoying the sun at Gatwick while we were in the pouring rain in the conference hotel in Amsterdam.
However once the the bags arrived we ventured into the heart of Amsterdam and that is where this first photo is taken - no comment.
Other than that first meal I didn't really see the city which is a pity however the weather was dire most of the time. Fortunately one evening we were treated to an evening sailing on the Ziederzee.
Simply magic.
The boat was built in 1849 and the interior was rich in the patina of old wood. Once on the Ziederzee we made way only with sail power and the peace of watching the sun set was bliss.
A lively three piece band played music that included a sing-a-long.
A fantastic evening and one that made up most of memories of the trip as the remainder of the time I was working at the conference.


Debs said...

It does look lovely. Thanks for the photos.

Nell Dixon said...

I always feel so untravelled after reading your blog and seeing your lovely pictures.

ChrisH said...

Shame you've been so busy - I love Amsterdam and it enjoyed your photos. Just caught up with your RNA list of June books, sigh, feel a tad envious so that means it's about time I got on with writing!