Thursday, October 16, 2008

Links and Other Things

I have been lazy. No, not on the writing front. I have to say that is flowing nicely and the word meter is happily being fed most days. I have been lazy about posting some fabulous links......where to start - with the funny, with the writerly, with the warning?

I will start with the writerly just in case you don't have to make it to the end!

Over on Graeme K Talboy's blog he has posted the best and most evocative description of the rewrite/edit process. Here's a teaser but you MUST read the whole post - it's not long but packed.

"Tearing words out of my head that accurately represent the pictures in there is especially difficult, but gratifying. It’s like putting down a heavy suitcase, knowing you don’t have to pick it up anymore. "

The onto to Kate Harrision's posts on commercial fiction here. Sorry I can't seem to link to the individual post but they are not far down - just past the one on the agony of waiting!

Over on Nathan Bransford Blog he's talking about opening a book with dialogue - thinking about it the read it here.

I'm sure there is more but I have forgotten. Now many of you may have seen the YouWriteOn offer. Well before you proceed further visit How Publishing Really Works.

Finally for the laugh drop by Ray-Anne's blog for a writer's view of heaven and hell here.

Finally my own little tale of woe. I have been waiting to hear back on my RNA NWS submission. I didn't want to push as I am happy writing the new thing but I thought I should check. Well, it was posted back on 12 September. So now my script and report are lost somewhere in the post........I am hoping to receive my report at least by email and I am trying not to be cross but somehow it isn't working too well!


Rick said...

Thanks for the cool links, Liz. And I have my fingers crossed for your submission.

Lane said...

Thanks for the links Liz. Will check them all out.

Really hoping your script turns up safe and sound asap.

sheepish said...

You always have good links, thanks for them and hope you get your report and that it's helpful.

Leigh Russell said...

How annoying. I hope it turns up soon. You're having a hard slog, climbing that mountain to find a publisher but I'm sure you'll get there. You just have to keep going. As my experience shows, one day your MS could reach a publisher who's just decided to acquire new authors - whoopee! (and then the real work begins!) While it lasts, enjoy the fun of writing freely without publishers and editors joining the fray. Enjoy it while it lasts because once you have a publisher, you're not such a free agent.

Tam said...

Cor, I wonder everyday if something I've subbed has got lost in the post. How annoying for you that your MS did?
Hope you get the emailed crit soon.

Debs said...

These lovely links should keep me busy for a while, thanks.

How annoying that your script has got lost. You never know it might appear at some point.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mention and the link to the Kate Harrison site - most excellent.
Rotten luck on the NWS report - truly annoying! I do hope you receive your critique report if nothing else.
I will not tempt fate by peeking a look at your word count meter! LOL

Phillipa said...

Liz - thanks so much for the links and I too have every appendage crossed for your sub.

liz fenwick said...

Rick - thanks for the good wishes:-)

Lane, I have little hope for the script but I now have the report thanks to email!

Sheepish glad you enjoyed the links!

Leigh - wise words and I am having great fun with the freedom and with the current market I will probably free allong time!

Tam - received the crit this morning :-)

Glad you enjoyed the links Debs.

Always a please to help Ray-Anne and you did make me laugh!

liz fenwick said...

Phillipa - you must slipped in while I was typing! Thanks for the good wishes!

Kate said...

Thanks for the kind link, m'dear. And hope the crit is useful and lovely!

Kate x

Nell said...

Hugs, glad you managed to get your crit.

Susie Vereker said...

Liz, thanks for all the links.
Hope crit was helpful when it eventually arrived.

Flowerpot said...

best of luck Liz. I had exactly that with the last agent I sent my stuff to. She asked for the whole ms and said pleae dont send it anywhere else and give her 6 weeks to read it - so I posted it off. And waited. And waited. And finally rang and emailed - that had got lost int eh post. Infuriating!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Aarrgghh how frustrating. I'm glad you've got the crit now, and I hope it's helpful. Thanks for the links.