Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It Has begun

Well, it's not a promising start but the new book has begun.........186 words to be precise but at least it is under way and i am no longer faced with a blank page. It's funny but I can already feel my characters coming to life.

However for the moment progress will be painfully slow as I have very little free time. I am comtemplating what i did this summer to find the hours - early rising! With the late start of school, 8:30, until the end of Ramadan I could get a few hours in if i woke at five. Just might have to bite the bullent and become a lark.

Are you a lark or a night owl?

BTW thansk for the progress meter info. Will get myself sorted tomorrow!


cs harris said...

I always wished I was a lark. When I had school-aged children, I'd write into the wee hours of the night, go to bed, get up a few hours later to take them to school, take a walk, write some more, than take a nap before going to pick them up. That was my routine for years. Now I'm ready for bed at 11 and have to drag myself up at 7 to do yoga. Maybe it all caught up with me.

Debs said...

I would love to be a lark, but I'm definately an owl. I take forever to wake up and be relatively human in the mornings, although thankfully most mornings I'm making breakfast, lunch boxes etc and the children are just as sleepy as I am.

Well done for starting your next book.

Steve Malley said...

I'm not a natural morning person, but I insist. That way, I get to the rest of my day with my writing done and my soul light and airy!

Some days, though, (like this one) it hurts.

Jessica Raymond said...

Yuck, I could never get up at five! One of the things I hate most about going on holiday is that early start, getting up and putting cases in the car before the sun is up. Some people find it really exciting but it makes me feel sick!

But more importantly, HURRAH for starting the new book! :)

Biddy said...

Hmmm what do you call someone who can't get up in the morning and has to go to bed early at night? I peak around midday and its downhill from there!
I used to be a owl but getting up at 6am for work is killing me. I don't think I could manage any earlier *thunk*

liz fenwick said...

CS - I have never been a night owl, even when in university. i always bargined that a good night sleep would do me more good that cramming into the small hours! i'm impressed with yoga at seven!!!

Debs, I'm okay in the morning especially if the house is quiet and its just me, the cat, the puter and coffee....bliss actually

Steve, impressive, definately impressive! Hope the writing though painful was useful???

Thanks Jess. Doesn't the little one get you up early or have you got him well trained?

Biddy - it's all a state of mind or at least that's what i'#m telling myself!