Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back to School

It's the first day back at school for dd and my first catch-up day. However it will be far too short as it is Ramadam no writing today, but tomorrow will be a different story.

This past week has been so hectic. Leaving Cornwall despite the rain was awful. Then I had to cross the threshold on ds2 moving on to senior school. He was ready I'm not sure I was! Ds1 was a star as always becoming more responsible by the day. There are days when I wonder why I had children but mostly now they remind me all the time how glad I am that we did!

So tomorrow will be kick off of new book. I will try and sort out a prgress meter because the link I have to the old is gone. Does anyone has any suggestions?


Biddy said...

Hey you!! I got my RNA script in! Now I am trying to still do the M&B revisions. I definitely owe you a drink next time I see you.
My goodness is that DS1??

liz fenwick said...

Just working out my dates in London for end of month so I fit that drink in!!

That, frighteningly enough is ds2!!!!

JJ said...

Hi Liz, I hope you settle in quickly.

Most of us are using Leigh's meters now, I think. If you go over to her site, you'll find it somewhere in the sidebar.


Biddy said...


YAY!! Let me know the dates and we can have that drink and a catch up.

Calistro said...

I second JJ's comment about Leigh's progress bar. It's great and never goes down!

B.E. Sanderson said...

It looks like you're using one like mine. Even though I took the meters off my blog, I still have the script - all you have to do is change the colors and the text. If you'd like I can e-mail it to you.

Steve Malley said...

Obviously, I'm a bit low-tech, but you can always steal the meter-graphic I use in my posts!