Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I normally write Explosive Dreams just before they are published but I'm afraid the next weeks chapter is done and dusted thanks to events in Dubai this morning......sometimes life hands you writing details that you just can't pass up. So I confess that I am ahead of schedule.

Also this morning I have plunged back into A Cornish House. It's been two weeks since I looked at it with the new delevelopments. I read through the new prologue and right now I do feel it does put the story squarely back in Madde's court and I am suddenly excited about the changes I need to make. So fingers crossed this works.


JJ said...

Liz, fab news on ACH. I'm feeling teensy weensy flares of excitement too. Good luck us!

liz fenwick said...

The world looks a bit brighter despite the smoke covering here :-) Keep going!!