Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rant and Links

So it's Easter Saturday and I have laid the table for Easter Sunday and I must say it looks pretty with eggs and jelly beans........ We are celebrating Easter Sunday today. Why you may ask - because dd has school tomorrow and not only does she have school tomorrow she is going away on a residential trip! She is eight.

I know where I am living but she goes to a British curriculum school......had she been going to Choifat she would have Easter Sunday off. Something is not right in this picutre.

So today we will celebrate Easter and thankfully we can attend church this evening as a family (the boys arrived yesterday morning).

Now for something writerly.......links. The first one is to Ray-Anne who has a brilliant post on loglines or what you say when you are asked what the book is about......I needed this post! The next one is to Steve Malley and here. The man has a brilliant insight into the writing process.


Debs said...

That doesn't seem fair somehow, but I hope you have a lovely day anyway.

I love Ray-Anne's posts. They're so helpful and I particularly enjoyed this one on loglines. Definately what I needed to read too. Happy Easter.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Good links, Liz, thanks.

I hope your dinner goes beautifully.

Leigh said...

I hope the fact that it's the 'wrong' day doesn't spoil the fun of having the family together! I'll say 'Happy Easter' now, and think of you having that nice meal. I guess about now! Happy Easter!

Ray-Anne said...

Thank you for the kind words. I am so pleased that you find my post useful. I am rapidly turning into a craft junkie, so no doubt I shall be EVEN MORE GEEKY in the future.
And Happy Easter !