Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vicarious Pleasure

Yesterday while swimming in the pool at the beach club (which sounds very pompous - I know) i had the extreme pleasure of seeing a woman reading Phillipa Ashley's book Wish You Were Here in the pool. As i swam closer to make sure that was what she was reading my excitement grew. I thought how bl**dy fantastic. DD asked why I was smiling and I told her. The I thought what the hell and swam up to the woman and saw she was almost at the end. Boldly because I am a shy person by nature i said, "Excuse me."
She looked up puzzled.

"Sorry to interrupt but are you enjoying the book?"

"Yes." She pause. "Why are you the author?"

"No. Not so lucky. Just curious and if I was the writer I would never have the courage to ask." Sh smiled and I wasn't going to own up to knowing Phillipa.

"Is it good?" I asked. I haven't got my hands on this one yet.

"Yes, chit lit, great beach read." She smiled and stuck her nose back in and I swam off.

I get such a buzz seeing my friends books being read!! I also get a buzz seeing there books on the shelves of stores........Maybe one day I'll get the same buzz from seeing mine (well I can dream can't I?).


Lane said...

Yes you can dream Liz because it will happen.

I love the cover of that book:-)

Phillipa said...

Liz. Thank you for this - a *real person* reading my book and apparently enjoing it! No matter how many lovely romance writer friends, say nice things to you, I don't think you ever believe you've written a book until a random, person-in-the-street pr by-the-pool reads it. Does anyone out there know what I mean?

You've made my day and I so wish good things to come your way on 2007/8.

See you soon


(Not at the beach club...)

Leigh said...

This is a lovely anecdote. Reminds the likes of me that Writers are real people (with friends!) and, thus, that I might be one someday too (assuming some skill, of course!).

Julie Cohen said...

That is so cool.