Monday, September 17, 2007


By virtue of the fact that I had no Internet this morning I have gone through all the accumulated paperwork that had covered the table in the hotel/apartment. You would think that so few days in a new location there wouldn't be much but no. I brought some with me just make sure it looked like home, the new school provided some, I printed lots off the web, the Dh did more of that with car reviews, and well its been breeding in the night.

So four hours later I can see the table top. I would post a picture but I still haven't located the cable for my camera! It obviously wasn't under the paperwork!


Fiona said...

What is it about paperwork? You're right it does breed in the night. My dog tears a lot up which helps...except when it's that rare breed, a cheque for me.

JJ said...

Oh, it does breed. I am of the 'leave it for long enought and eventually it goes away' school of thought when it comes to paperwork. At least half is too late to deal with.

Lane said...

It's a well known fact that the urgent stuff at the top of the pile eventually sinks to the bottom of the pile where it yellows, withers and dies. Then the day arrives when you need it. You really need it.... and it's nowhere to be seen.


liz fenwick said...

Fiona, hadn't thought about the animal using it- maybe I could line Snowy's litter tray with the damn stuff????

Does it go away, JJ or does it turn it a nightmare of manic proportions? I think it bites!

Lane because of my love of not sorting and trashing paperwork I discovered i still had the old insurance certificates from the last time in Dubai........just might be handy now if it doesn't fall apart :-)

Anonymous said...

This is funny, I just bought a paper shredder last night. I go in fits and spurts when it comes to paper management. It finally got so bad I yelled, "ENOUGH!" I find big piles of I don't know what seem to make me increasingly cranky.

Do you get junk mail in England and Dubai? It is such a nightmare here in the States.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ah, the lost camera cable... Check any boxes labeled Christmas, that's where mine was when I lost it during a move. How it ended up in there... Well, that was just silly.

Heh. Paperwork is notorious for breeding like bunnies. I have piles of the stuff all over. You almost need a whip and a chair to keep it in its place.

Flowerpot said...

We have piles of paper ont he kitchen table which is small at the best of times. It gets passed over from me to Him. As in 'ths is yours'. No it's not it's yours - etc - till things get really lost!