Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm trying to freeze frame my memory so I thought I share a few of the images. I know I see will new glorious images to inspire await but gosh it's hard to leave these.
This morning I woke to a pink sun rise and valley and field filled with mist blurring all the camera wasn't up to the job so you'll have to imagine it.


Flowerpot said...

lovely pictures, Liz. We had a wonderful view of Falmouth Bay walking the dog first thing - truly amazing.

NoviceNovelist said...

lush piccies Liz - very grey and overcast here on the south coast!!

Lane said...

I can imagine it:)) And I can smell the damp air..

Jen said...

You know, those lovely pictures will combine and contrast amazingly with photos from your next life in Dubai.
I know it's loads of upheaval now but you are lucky to have such an inspiring life.


Rebecca Burgess said...

I see why it's so hard to leave.

cs harris said...

Lovely light. We don't get that here.

Just read your Monday's post. Glad you're feeling better about it. Congratulate yourself for getting the manuscript in, so that you were able to take advantage of your reader's helpful comments. Under the circumstances, it's quite amazing!

Oh, and I can't spell for s**t myself. I used to get "D's" in spelling in school. Thank God for spell checkers.

ChrisH said...

Glad you're feeling better. lovely photos - look forwards to the next.