Thursday, September 27, 2007

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The world is so much better since anonymous J taught me how to force the page to refresh. I am no longer stuck looking at yesterday or even last week's blog! Thank you again J.

This photo was of the sunset off the balcony of our hotel/apartment last night. I'm definitely becoming used to the rhythms of the day here now and no longer falling asleep at 8! However no doubt the dh will be as he will be 9 hours adrift after this last trip to Texas.

The editing has been rolling on this week well. I'm enjoying the story which bodes well - at least I hope it does. As I mentioned that this is just an edit for language not plot, not character...... I'm saving those delights once the script is readable! However I did go back to the He Wrote/She Wrote lesson about the conflict box here . I was pleased to see what I have set up works so at least the foundation is there for the next stage.

The lovely Flowerpot had tagged me with this great meme.

Total number of books? This is a good question as I haven't a clue as currently they are split between the container and Cornwall. Plus due to our transient life style I had to let go of beloved books along the way to make room for my children's and husband's book - the things I do for them!

Last Book read? The Bride's Seduction by Louise Allen and I finished this last night and I must say it was a great pleasure (more about this later) I also have on the go The end of the Affair by Graham Greene and Atonement by Ian McEwan

Last Book Bought? The End of the Affair

Five meaningful Books? This is a tough one... what does meaningful mean? Books that have stayed with me? Books that have altered my thoughts? Hmmmmmmm. Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (can't remember how times I read this as a child), Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer (began my love affair with historical fiction), Leo the African by Amin Maalouf (showed me a different view on history), Any Human Heart by William Boyd (showed me how differently a man's mind works) and finally Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (for sheer joy)

Now I am supposed to tag five people so I tag:

Rebecca Burgess
Alyssa Goodnight

Rather long post today but I thought I would mention that in the UK today there will a radio program on about Mills and Boon entitled Guilty Pleasures. I will try and listen through the net as I think there is much derision about Mill and Boon that I personally think is cr.p. There are several posts out there ( here and here)that say it better than I will but I think the snobbery is generated by people who haven't looked inside the cover of a Mills and Boon in at least twenty years. From my own reading experience, I have spent many wonderful hours of pleasure but not guilty pleasure - that I reserve for chocolate, with all different varieties of Mills and Boon books. The authors writing these stories are brilliant, skilled and hard working. Before you turn your nose up try picking up any of Julie Cohen's if you can handle heat or Fiona Harper's for a gentler approach.

The book I read last night was from their historical line. It was beautifully and compelling written. Yes, I knew it would work out in the end - hell that's why I read them. Sometimes I need an emotional lift and that's what Mills and Boon provide with beautifully crafted stories (yes the tried and tested formula of boy meet girl and they end up together!). However I will add there is one thing I hate about Mills and Boon and that is their bl--dy titles. It is for their titles alone I will not be seen in public reading them or for that matter in front of my eight year old, or thirteen or fifteen year old. (You try explaining why your reading Virgin bought and Paid For!) As a final thought Ray-Anne here has an interesting post on why the genre is still so successful today.

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Ray-Anne said...

Thank you for the comment re my post Liz - glad you found it interesting.
I also found a very poignant note on the E-Harlequin blog bash yesterday about the author who came to Mills and Boon through a children's intensive care ward.
Nurses and traumatised mums found an escape from their pain in the pages of short category novels.
Now that is something to be proud of, don't you think? - see the Sept 22 entry.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Ray-Anne will check it out x

Ray-Anne said...

Reading Meme.
I got tagged! So here goes - and this is straight off the cuff.

Total number of books?

Fiction? Three bookcases.
Science fiction
Yes, I am a VIRGO geek, and my books are filed by Genre and, yes, alphabetically. I have that many.
NonFiction - one and a half full bookcases. Reference and how to write books, cooking, wine, craft, history, the works.
TOTAL? Hundreds. And the local charity shops do well out of me.

Last Book read?
Medical Thriller. 'Isolation Ward' by Joshua Spanogle. Bedtime reading.

Last Book Bought?
HMB. Ally Blake.

Five meaningful Books.
Oh, so difficult. For me, these are the books I have read before and will read again.
List includes-
*Pride and Prejudice [ I have bought a mini hardback copy for the train/plane etc]
*'Absolute Power' - David Baldacci
*'Bet Me' - Jenny Crusie
*'Natural Born Charmer' - Susan Elizabeth Phillips
* 'Living Dangerously'- Katie Fforde
but there are so many thrillers and science fantasy books I will happily pick up and read again.

I suspect this list reveals that I have the attention span of a gnat. :)

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Lane said...

I've just got Lesley Cookman on your recommendation Liz. Now I'm going to have to add Fiona Harper/Julia Cohen to the list:))
I shall give M&B a go.

Glad your're adjusting to the rhythm there now:)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Agh! You got me. I'll post mine here and on my site.

Total number of books?
Are you kidding? I'm a reader not a mathematician. I can't count that high. Books breed like unneutered cats around here. They are in every room in my house. I've had to resort to incorporating them into my decorating scheme because I've no where left to put them.

Last book read?
I read books in multiples so here are the ones I've finished within the last week: Made To Stick; Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life; Writers On Writing; and the book club selection at my blog, The Glass Castle.

Last book bought?
The Glass Castle.

Five meaningful books?
Oh no. Let's see. I'm kind of all over the place with this one. Different books for different reasons:

The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen (I just loved this book and really admire this author's talent)

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (I will read this book for the rest of my life)

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho (Because your treasure is already right under your feet)

Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls (This book was the first to really kindle a life time love affair with reading)

And The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein (This one is early emotional stuff).

Mel said...

Have you read Trish Wylie's post about the same topic. Very enlightening.

liz fenwick said...

Loved your list Ray-Anne and you don't have the attention span of a knat :-)

Hi Lane, you'll enjoy Julie and Fiona....Julie writes for HMB and Little Black Dress and it's interesting to see the difference in her style.........

Hi Rebecca, another wonderful I see a trend for P&P here? I had forgotten about the Alchemist - such a meaningful book for me and I made my boys read it too :-)

Welcome Mel. I will go get out Trish's blog. Thanks.

Barrie said...

Liz, thanks for stopping by my blog! I have a cousin who lives in Dubai. Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Interesting -- I posted on the books at my place. Thanks for the tag -- it made me realize some things about my reading habits of late.

Eileen said...

Thanks for stopping by my place- swing by anytime.

There is an interesting book called Merchants of Venus (Love the title) that tells the history of Harlequin and a bit of Mills and Boon. Interesting read.