Wednesday, August 08, 2007

RNA Conference Parts 10 & 11

I have grouped the next to sessions together not because they have anything to do with each other but because my notes are quite short on each. The first session was Elizabeth Chadwick and Alison King 'Beyond the Looking Glass - an Akashic Record Session.' I found this session fascinating. Elizabeth Chadwick who writes novel based on the lives of historic people uses Alison's gift of tapping into the energy of the past to 'see' the past and confirm facts and fill in the blanks of Elizabeth's research. The held a session where they tapped into the early life of Henry II. Elizabeth asked question while Alison felt her way through the time. Alison works with people who are tracing their family history as well. It's an amazing gift.

The next session was with Sue Moorcroft (picutred here with Judith Lennox). It was 'More Than You thought You Knew - Character Workshop'. Now I have few notes on this one as it was a workshop but it was fantastic. Sue handed us all a small sheet of paper with a few details on it like - age 18, sex female, failed her a levels. From this we had to filled in the blanks so to speak. Once we had done this she asked a few of us to stand up and become our character and take questions. That was brilliant part as you really had to think of your feet and know your character. It was amazing how the development these characters came on! In fact it is to this session I owe the rough outline of the book that is brewing in my head this summer! Thank you Sue.


Lisa said...

The exercise on character sounds like fun! I recently did one in a workshop where we wrote down 20 questions about things we'd like to know about our character. That one turned up some interesting details as well.

liz fenwick said...

Lisa I bet it did. I have tend to write from the seat of my pants but I found the value of a bit more advance planning of characters through this session. It will be interesting to see how thing pan out when I begin the writing process again.