Thursday, August 16, 2007

For the Big R

I was wandering around blogs yesterday and I came across the most wonderful clip for every one who has ever received a rejection over at Danuta Kean's blog. You must go watch here. Enjoy.

I will return to voice. I want to do some more research on some of the points the comments raised.


ChrisH said...

Hi Liz, very interesting posts on voice. I think I was lucky to find my 'voice' early on but it's also why I'm finding re-writing tough; I'm afraid of losing my voice trying to incorporate the changes I've been advised to make. I was very interested to read about your experiences of rewriting (lapping up all the news from people doing the same thing!) and I think the internal editor can be very tricky at this stage.

I'm heartened by the fact that you've hung on and persisted with the re-write... especially as I've been tempted to throw my hands up in despair and wish that someone could do it for me!

liz fenwick said...

You must hang in there seriously. I have rewritten AG six times now. I kn ow in my heart it is a better book but it is still true to the book I first wrote. I have to confess that I enjoy the reworking process now as I can see how it can strengthen a book. Keep at it.

Lisa said...

The movie clip is priceless!

liz fenwick said...

Glad you enjoyed it :-)