Wednesday, June 06, 2012


This has certainly been a time of firsts...and last night was my first library talk. St Ives was the setting and after a day of pelting rain it cleared to a lovely evening. I didn't expect a soul except for the wonderful librarian... as holding an event the evening of the last day of an extra long weekend I was sure that people would be too exhausted by the festivities to leave the comfort of their home...But they did come out. The bonus was that fellow writer and friend Sarah Duncan (who has the best blog for writing tips here) came too...

As it was my first, I didn't have a set script, maybe I should have, but I wanted to find out what my audience was interested in...the development of Cornish architecture, how an American came to call Cornwall home, my expat travels....of course I wouldn't know what it was to be until we reached the questions. So I plunged into a potted history of me, my writing and my love of Cornwall........then came the questions and thank God there were questions and they covered everything.

The evening was great fun for me and I hope for my audience...who in chatting afterwards asked what The Cornish House would be in Cornish (hint not the actual name of the house - Trevenen)...we found the answer but I thought it would be a good question for a give away on my Facebook Page here.

I also wanted to mention a wonderful post by Twitter friend Nicola Ford who wrote about attending the launch in London but more importantly speaks beautifully about the importance of travel or journeys for writers. You can read the post here.


The Divorced Lady's Companion to Living in Italy said...

Congratulations Liz! Sounds like a fascinating book and a great evening. Looking forward to meeting you in Penzance!
Ciao Catherine

Liz Harris said...

You seem to have covered a great deal in the first place in your talk, Liz. What sort of thing did the audience ask that hadn't been covered by what you'd already said?

Liz X

liz fenwick said...

Catherine - Ditto, it will be here before you know it!

Liz - more details of things, aspects of living in Dubai, why I moved to the UK in the first place...more about what I was writing be honest I was quite nervous and therefore don't remember details as well as I should!!!


Liz Harris said...

Thank you!

Liz X

JO said...

So glad you had such a great evening. Hope the book goes onwards and upwards.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks JO!

Anonymous said...


I'm really impressed by the amount of PR work you've done for The Cornish House, thanks for sharing it all with us. I love St. Ives, it's a beautiful place and by the sounds of it your talk went really well. Congratulations!

Take care, Nikki