Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy...and Overwhelmed in a Good Way

Life is a little crazy at the moment and I can't settle to any one thing...including writing book two. But many of things taking up my time are needing to go to Falmouth Booksellers to sign more books because they had sold out of all the other signed ones...and I just heard that the paperback version of The Cornish House has sold out in Waterstones Truro so I'm off into sign the hardback copies they have left....

I have also been overwhelmed by reader response to The Cornish House...readers have been finding me on Facebook and Twitter and my web page and telling me they love the book. It is a strange and wonderful feeling. My baby is out there and it is being read and loved. My characters are making new friends...without me!

Yesterday saw me or the book all over the web...the lovely Helen Redfern reviewed the book here.

I talk wine, work and writing with Nikki Goodman here.

And over at High Heels and Book Deal I'm sharing my shoe favourites with the wonderful Mel Sherratt here.

And, *gulp*, The Cornish House is being reviewed at Vulpes Libris on Friday. This is a book review site I read regularly....

Finally I have begun posting pictures of some of the places mentioned in The Cornish House... Locations From The Cornish House.


Rebecca Leith said...

Must be a magical time.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

It sounds exhausting, but utterly fabulous.

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Bex and Debs!

Liz Harris said...

It sounds an amazing time.

I have a copy of The Cornish House, and before too long I hope to have time to read it! I can't wait!

Liz X