Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Nanowrimo Experiement

I had had no plans to do National Novel Writing Month this year in fact on the morning of 1st November it still wasn't on the cards. I was finishing the rewrite of A CORNISH HOUSE (complete on Thursday) and planned to go back to the rewrite of PENDEROWN or failing that pick up last year's nano project PILGRIMAGE.

But somehow I began THE SUMMER OF THE BLACK HARE and am having a ball. Having been so focused on the making ACH perfect, I'm writing with wild abandon in first person (have only done this for that other writing experiment Explosive Dreams) with no idea where the story is going. It is a tonic to my weary writing soul. I fully accept that this month's product will be nothing more that a messy outline of a book at best - a draft zero as one blogger has called. But I will have exercised my writing muscle and I hope that will bring a freshness to all my other writing.

Are you doing Nanowrimo this year?


Liz Harris said...

Good luck with it, Liz!

I think it's great, having a focus like Nanowrimo to kick start a book. I'm sorry that I'm too bogged down in editing to do it this year.

I look forward to hearing about your progress. It's a great title.

Liz X

liz fenwick said...

Yes, Liz, nano helps give you focus but i know I won't meet the 50k however i will have had fun writing which right now seems important. Good luck with the editing.


Debs said...

Good luck with NaNo, Liz.

I'm doing it for the second time this year and am enjoying it so far.

liz fenwick said...

Debs - good luck. Are you hitting your targets? Are you planning to or are you muddling along like me?

Linda said...

Hi Liz

Go for it! I did exactly the same as you last year, signed up at the last minute and was astounded by how much I achieved in such a short time. I've signed up again this year, but planned it and so far its working like a dream because the first few chapters have been in my head for a while now. Not sure what's going to happen when I run out of plot but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. What's good about nano is that it gives you permission to write your heart out without analysing it too much which can be a welcome change after a proglonged batch of editing. Good Luck and I hope you reach your target.

liz fenwick said...

Thank Linda and same to you. I was reading some great post over at Sarah Duncan blog working with what ifs to solve plot problem...worth checking out if you come to them.


Anonymous said...

As you probably heard over at Novel Racers, I'm doing NaNo this year. My user name, oddly enough, is Captain Black. I planned my novel ahead of the starting gun on November 1st, but the plan has gone out of the window and I'm creating stuff that continues to surprise me.

Good luck to all Wrimos reading this :o)

liz fenwick said...

Captain I will go and seek you out and Nano.