Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Packing and the 1960s - or an ode to my mother of sorts

It will be no surprise to regular readers that I'm packing again...this time it's a little more complicated as I will in London briefly attending the lunch for the launch of  FABULOUS AT FIFTY and well you know me I can't let an opportunity to dress up go by....and then onto Denver....

So in honour of the RNA's fifty years I thought it would be fun to pick a decade and focus on that style. This of course is just an excuse to wear one of my favourite items of clothing of all time - my mothers black fur trimmed Lilli Ann Knit (here's more on Lilli Ann) jacket, which was part of suit that had both a mini dress and trousers. Unfortunately they have long since been lost, but over the years I have held tight to the coat - even when I was too big to fit it comfortably even now when it's a bit too big. This summer shopping in Truro, as one does, I stumbled on a fabulous dress in TK Max that fits the bill for the 1960s beautifully (in fact I tried it on and then put it back- crazy I know as it was only £28, but I thought I don't need another little black dress. Thankfully I came to my senses and bought it two days later).

So here's a picture of my mother's beautiful coat...can't show you the dress yet as it's in London.

This whole thing had me thinking as I dug in drawers to find gloves - because the outfit wouldn't be complete without gloves (and Mum if you are reading this of course only silk lined gloves - nothing thicker, by the way, I never knew why you insisted on this but you'll be pleased to know it has stuck) and a hat (unfortunately the perfect little mink one is in Cornwall) about my mother.

During the sixties and seventies my mother had some of the most beautiful clothes from a shop called Gordons of Malden.  I just have to say that my mother was one of the most elegant women, still is but it's those pictures in my mind of her with fabulous suits gloves and hats that has probably had the most lasting impression on my sense of fashion. I have scanned the only picture I have of her here in the Dubai from the 1960s which doesn't really do her justice...wouldn't mind the suit though....

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