Monday, October 04, 2010


I can't believe I am writing this from and iPad but dh needed one for a conference coming up so I get to play with it. Thus far I am impressed. It is fast, bright, and not to tough to type on. It makes reading on screen very easy. I have found a few problems...I can't seem to scoll through my blogs list but over all I am loving it.

I will buy a book today and check out the reading experience and let you know.

Write wise...I am finally over the half mark of the rework of A CORNISH HOUSE and it feels like it is coming together.


Sue Guiney said...

Yes, I love my new ipad. I bought it mostly to be able to write my blog on the road without having to lug around my laptop. Only problem - I can't seem to be able to include photos or video clips on the postings, so my on-the-road blogs have to be text only. Not a huge problem, but not so great either. Watch out for the scrabble app - it's addictive!

Chris Stovell said...

Ooh, sounds fun to play with. Well done on the rewrite - keep going!

Kate Hardy said...

I love my iPad. Some things I don't love (lack of file management in Pages being the main one) but it's instant and it means I can work while keeping DH company in the evenings.

I'd second Sue on the Scrabble app - ditto Peggle and Boggle. (And if my ed is here - course I'm working... *g*)

Good luck with the rewrite!

liz fenwick said...

Sue - i will not even load the scrabble app...thanks for the warning :-)

Chris - after 6 hrs on the plane this end of this rewrite is in sight...thank God!

Kate - I'm trying to come to gripes with working in pages...not succeeding so far but it looks pretty


Kate Harrison said...

Brilliant that it works so well - Glad it works to write on - can't imagine doing that on the Kindle. I think I'd be a bit too scared of dropping iPad, though, which is why I went for a Kindle which would seem less of a disaster...

I am desperate for Kindle Scrabble to be released outside the States, though.