Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RNA Romantic Novel of Year Awards Lunch

What happens when you place a large group of romantic novelists together? There is a queue at the bar and buzz of conversation that is amazing. The publishing industry gathered to celebrated the joys of romance and did so with style and more than a touch of glamour! The event began with a reception where most of these photos were snapped. Please forgive for I have forgotten some name (pls don't be shy if it's you or someone you know - let me know).

Blogger is playing up so I will just list the pictures in order.

Roger Sanderson (aka Gill Sanderson) and Anne Ashurst (aka Sara Craven)

Louise Allenand Evelyn Ryle

Jenny Haddon, Catherine King and Trisha Ashley

Carol Townend and Kate Hardy (who has a great write of the lunch on her blog)

Julie Cohen(who also has a wonderful write on her blog) and another author

Judy Astley

Susie Vereker, Brigid Coady and Carol

Biddy and moi!

Jane Wenham-Jones and you know who

Mary Zacaroli, Carol Sheldon (agent) and Elizabeth Harris

Emma Beswetherick (editor Piatkus) with Paola Ehrlich (Piatkus) and Cath Burke (editor MIRA)

Jane Wenham-Jones and Katie Fforde

Julia Gregson receiving the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for East of the Sun

Julia celebrating.

Judy Piatkus shortly after she received the Life Time achievement award

Jan Jone Jan Jonesand Catherine JonesCatherine Jones (aka Kate Lace)

Victoria Connelly and Jean Fullerton

The winner of the Romance Prize, India Grey

The pub afterwards!

Fellow Novel Racer Cally Taylor and I - amazingly still standing!

Katie Fforde, Susannah Kearsley (short listed author for the main award) and Janet Gover

I have run out of steam I'm afraid................ will post links to other blogs with more detail.


cs harris said...

What's the buzz on the health of the British publishing industry? Every time writers here get together, it's all about house layoffs and plummeting print runs.

Susie Vereker said...

Great to see you, Liz. Great photos too.

Nell Dixon said...

Lovely to see everyone looking so gorgeous and glam

Leigh said...

What fun!
Glad you had such a great time!

Debs said...

It was great to see you again. I loved your jacket, gorgeous.

You're such a wiz with the camera, all the photos I took were hopeless. Thanks for posting these.

ChrisH said...

Brilliant - so great to see you all there. You look very glam, Liz. A couple of nice photos of Katie, too.

L-Plate Author said...

Ooh thanks for that Liz, I love looking at photies. Glad you had a good time. x

Jan Jones said...

Was a great do, Liz, and so lovely to see you.

JJ said...

Aw, thanks Liz. Lovely to see pictures of the event.

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see you again - even if briefly.
Lovely photos. Thank you for posting.
I do note one common feature of most of our pics - glassware! SNORT!
Good to know that you arrived home safely. :-)

Flowerpot said...

great pics Liz - looked like a good do!

Jane Gordon-Cumming said...

Lovely photos, Liz! (What does it say about me that I just took pictures of the food?)It's enabled me to put some faces to names. I see you have Emma Dunford down as an agent, when she's an editor with Piatkus, and I think that's Paola Ehrlich, their publicity person, next to her who was also on our table.

Jan Jones said...

She is Emma Beswetherick now. The one on the right is Cath Burke - the Mira editor who has been involved with the RNA anthology.

liz fenwick said...

Corrections made Jan and Jane :-)

CS - posted the scuttlebutt that I heard on today's post.

Susie - how the cold has gone!

Nell missed you.

Tanks Leigh.

Thanks Debs. No would believe I bought the jacket in ehem...Asda. Great to see you too :-)

Thanks ChrisH and L-plate.

JJ - next year try and plan a trip home at the right time and you can be my guest :-)

Ray-Anne - I wish I had taken a picure of your fab shoes :-)

FP - it was wonderful.

Jane the food was brilliant and very worthy of photos but I was too busy eating it!!!!

Barrie said...

How good of you to post all these photos. Especially with blogger acting up!

Fionnuala said...

I wanna go next year!

Anonymous said...

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