Saturday, August 09, 2008

Signs of Summer

Even though we have seen very little of the sun it is clearly summer. The sign tells us all. Visitors have arrived and if they follow their sat nav they end up going down lanes that twist beyond 90 degrees and if your car is bigger than a Fiesta you will rip the end out of your bumper. So summer is here - now if mother nature would help!
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Jessica Raymond said...

Is that the way Judith went? :)

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Wonderful! I live in a village and since SatNav have become the new thing the amount of traffic has increase and now it gets quite busy on the roads around my village.

Best wishes

Annie Bright said...

Our SatNav once told us we were in the sea! Of course we weren't, but I lost faith in it after that. :-)

liz fenwick said...

No, Jess, she got lost at another turning but maybe I could work the sat nav in!

annie w....Yes, it is a blessing and curse.

annie b ... in dubai ours does the same because they are changing the roads there so quickly there is no way it can keep up!

Steve Malley said...

Those narrow lanes can certainly be murder on a car.

That's why I travel from village to village on a unicycle!

liz fenwick said...

Very sensible Steve :-)

Kate.Kingsley said...

Loving that sign!! Satnavs are evil things, nasty little traffic Hitlers ~ sometimes a wrong turn can be a blessing in disguise :-).