Friday, May 16, 2008


Sorry I have been so invisible but I have been working hard and life has absorbed the other time as it tends lost marriage certificates and things (long story I may one day tell).

A Cornish House is being carved and redesigned. At the start of this rewrite I had 391 pages. Currently that stands at 335 and I'm thrilled about it! I am working on page 201 and the story has moved to become Maddie's without lessening Serena's. (Mark's pov of has disappeared - for the answer to that delema and I actually think it makes him a stronger character) I have thrown so much at poor Maddie that I do worry about her but she is showing just what she is made of. With all the cutting I have done it is leaving me the room to develop all the twists in Maddie's life. My biggest concern is that I can remember them all and pull everything together at the end. I will only begin to know this at the end of this rewrite.

Now keen blog reader will remember that I set myself a deadline for the end of this rewrite of 23rd May when I fly back to the UK for a week. With my head down I just may make it so I will still be in absentia in the blog world for another week. Wish me luck!