Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Tag of the New Year

I was tagged by the lovely Nell so here goes:

Link to the person that tagged you
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These tags are tough because it is to find things I haven't said before so I repeat myself forgive me.

1. I am obcessed with Reeces Cups and they sell them here (not good for the waist line)

2. I have a passion about bringing items back to decorate my house from my travels (from New Orleans a wall plaque and a tool box made out of iron wood, from Cyprus a big earthenware jug, from Hong Kong two large lamps....)- intially this wasn't a problem but I have now traveled so much that I really don't room for any more 'things'. Maybe it's time to collect charms???

3. I used to have a 24 hadicap in golf but now haven't played in ten years

4. I love reading recipes but I can't follow one exactly as it it is written

5. I used to be very elegent and never leave the house with a hair out of place and now I am a total slummy mummy

6. I continually make up and sing silly songs to my kids - strangely enough my teanage boys don't find them funny anymore

So I get to tag six people....Lane, JJ, B.E. , Jen, Leigh, A. Writer


JJ said...

Excellent answers Liz and thank you for the tag - it's come on a dry day!

Jessica Raymond said...

I never follow recipes exactly either! I always throw in an extra couple of things or miss out something I don't really like (or forgot to buy).


I'm with you on the recipe front - I don't know why it is! A control thing maybe??

Lane said...

Great answers Liz. I love these little details about people.

I'm with you on the Reece's:-)

Thanks for the tag.

Leigh said...

I'm just the same with the kick-knacks. It's impossible, though, isn't it, to come back without some memento?

Leigh said...

Oh, and thanks very much for the tag!

liz fenwick said...

:-) JJ

Jess and Karen - is it a writer thing... we can't stop tinkering - nothing is ever finished???

When did you aquire a taste for Reeces, Lane?

Then your house, Leigh must becoming full???

cs harris said...

I did the silver charms at one point. It's shoved in some box and I'll sometimes find it and go through the charms and smile. But I still prefer the little wooden elephants and sea shells and hand painted plates and copper pitchers and Yemeni daggers, etc, that clutter up my house. I see them (or at least the ones that survived Katrina) and smile every day!

Debs said...

I love collecting bits and pieces and try to follow recipes avidly but the dish never quite tastes as it should.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I have to tinker with recipes, too. Lovely answers - and thanks for not tagging me!

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, I'm totally with you on the recipe thing. Like Jessica, I've always forgotten to buy one of the crucial ingredients and have to substitute hedge clippings or something to pad things out.

Ta for the tag - it's nice, reading these little snippets about blog friends. Make them sort of more real, somehow, like characters in a book, if that makes any sense?

Expatmum said...

Hi there. I have a suggestion as to what to bring back from your travels - prints or paintings. I do that as I have too many kids to have nick-nacks around. It's quite a challenge to fill up wall space as you can do a "travel wall" and go floor to ceiling. If you buy the art on vacation, it's light and easy to bring back. Then you can pay someone an outrageous sum to have it framed, cause you know the store bought frames won't work!

liz fenwick said...

You are right about seeing them and smiling C.S. :-) It sounds like your collection is very similar to mine!

Deb, I did the recipe things yesterday. I think I use them as guidelines :-)

Jen your comment makes total sense. I have built up picutres of blog friends in my mind which may have little to do with reality!

Oh, expatmum, we have done the art thing too.......My walls are covered. When we lived in Moscow for a year I bought 25 paintings! I could open an international gallery.........

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hi. I didn't want to comment until I had a chance to post my answers. They're up so here I am. ;o)

I'm always tweaking recipes, Liz. It's more fun, and more personal that way. =oD

liz fenwick said...

Just popped over to see yours B.E. You're full of surprises and so are your recipes I guess :-)