Monday, December 17, 2007

Romantic Novelist Association - Novel of the Year Long List and it includes the Novel Racers' own Rowan Colman

I can't say how excited I am that one of our Novel Racers is on the long list for Romantic Novelist Association Romantic Novel of the Year long list here! Rowan Coleman'sThe Baby Group is there!!!!!!

Also up there is the wonderful Kate Lace (aka Catherine Jones) for The Chalet Girl. She is pictured at the RNA Winter Party with her latest book Movie Girl.

I must find a way to convince my dh it is essential that I come back for the lunch in February!!!!

Now back to Christmas tasks but smiling!!!!!


Flowerpot said...

great news indeed Liz. And Ih ope you're keeping out of the Easterly Gale - it's freezing here in Falmouth!

Lane said...

Yay for Rowan! And fingers crossed:-)