Monday, December 03, 2012


I was going to post about my signing at Waterstones Truro and the Cornish Compendium (a mini du Maurier Festival) with Veronica Henry and the Dubai 7s but I was on on Amazon and saw this!!!!

Running out on your wedding day never goes down well. When the pressure of her forthcoming marriage becomes too much, Jude bolts from the church, leaving a good man at the altar, her mother in a fury, and the guests with enough gossip to last a year.
Guilty and ashamed, Jude flees to Pengarrock, a crumbling cliff-top mansion in Cornwall, where she takes a job cataloguing the Trevillion family's extensive library. The house is a welcome escape for Jude, full of history and secrets, but when its new owner arrives, it's clear that Pengarrock is not beloved by everyone.
As Jude falls under the spell of the house, she learns of a family riddle stemming from a terrible tragedy centuries before, hinting at a lost treasure. And when Pengarrock is put up for sale, it seems that time is running out for the house and for Jude.

The book is out in May 2013...and it would be great if you could like it on Amazon here.


B.E. Sanderson said...

It looks gorgeous, Liz. Congratulations! =o)

liz fenwick said...

Thanks BE!

Sue Guiney said...

The cover is fantastic, and the blurb is great. You really hit it. Can't wait for May! Congrats.

JO said...

Done - doesn't it look fab!

liz fenwick said...

Thanks Sue and JO!

Chris Stovell said...

What a beautiful cover, Liz - so lovely. Congratulations.

Karen said...

That cover is gorgeous!