Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dubai Rubgy 7s 2011

It was a bit of a tight squeeze making it to the &s this year...DD's school play came first but I managed to attend the final day and I was so glad I did. Here's a few pics of the event...

Chris Cracknell and me
US team warming up

UAE team

US kicking 

US vs Canada

UAE team

USA team
Canada team

Aussie mascot

Portugal team wearing someone else's shirts

Australia team with mascot in tow

New Zealand team

Here's Siderman with a few rugby supporters
The only regret for me is that there were so few people dressed up...

This couple were fabulous...

Of course there were a few more pics of me with rugby players...
George Gregan and me

Jason Robinson and me


Liz Harris said...

All that lovely sun!! I'm as green as the grass with envy - but envy of the sun, not of seeing the game. I can't stick the game.

Liz X

liz fenwick said...

The sun was lovely indeed! I now love rugby - especially 7s but it was alien to me until we moved to Dubai the first time....

Debs Carr said...

Great pictures.

You look like you're having a fabulous time. I'm glad you managed to get there.

liz fenwick said...

Debs, it's hard not to have a wonderful time at the 7s!